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  1. Will a 4l60e from an 97 Escalade work?

    So I'm screwed more or less, I need a -95 4l60e 4wd (1994 would work too I guess).. Looks like my only option is to do a rebuild of the existing tranny..
  2. Will a 4l60e from an 97 Escalade work?

    Okey, will the electronics get along between the car and the newer Escalade 4l60e?
  3. As stated, I have a -95 S10 ZR2 Pickup with a dodgy Automatic transmission (namely the reverse is shot). The local scrapyard has a 4l60e from a 1997 4wd Escalade (V8), without the transfer case. I have read that there are some difference on the 4l60e transmissions (don't know if it is per year or vehicle?), so My question is do anyone know if the escalade transmission is a no go on my -95 v6? Or should it work fine without any major issues?
  4. post your LED bars

    Nobody running bars on the bed and have mounted a 40-50" LED BAR on that? just curious if the light is good enough when they are mounted so far back.
  5. rockstar 2s. finally on the z!!

    Goddamn they are expensive (Over here in Sweden)!! 580 USD!!! EACH!
  6. rockstar 2s. finally on the z!!

    Looks awesome! I might reconsider my 15" obsession and get the 17"
  7. rockstar IIs will they work?

    Yeah pics!! But, why 10mm offset when they have them in 35mm offset that would be better? http://www.kmcwheels.com/wheels/XD811/XD8117?year=1995&make=Chevrolet&model=S10%204WD
  8. Current Rim options for the zr2

    Thanks Greg! TBrovont, so with a 2 inch adapter I would need a backspacing of 7.5" (ET +76), what bolt pattern (what vehicle) should I look for that has rims with such a high offset? Any hints?
  9. Current Rim options for the zr2

    Okey, I'm getting really frustrated because I can't seem to find rims that will fit as I want it to fit. So, what I want is a 15x8" rim, preferably a steel type. There is quite a lot of them but everyone has the wrong backspacing. For a 8" wheel to work I need a backspacing of 5.5" (ET +25). (and to make matters worse for me I live in Sweden and don't have the widest range of choice) I've found some "Centerline" rims (Retro -915, Telstar 13, Star - style 74 etc). But they are quite expensive. Is there more options out there? Post everything you know of! Thank you

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