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  1. Hey I was wonder if there are any headers out there for a 2004 GMC jimmy. I can't seem to find any. Thanks
  2. Truck was running to hot
  3. If I removed my power and amp pulleys is it nesessary to sent my computer back to Jesse? or will it not mark a big difference?
  4. Thanks for that! I've done all that I just can't get the input shaft all the way out
  5. How did you get it out without removing the t bars?
  6. Does anyone has photos or steps they took to remove the transfer case? Anything will help
  7. So it probably wouldn't be good for towing a travel trailer like I do. On their website it says it is good for towing
  8. More power too? Wow that's quite a lot for the price they charge. I've emailed his wife but she is slow to reply
  9. Would you guys recommend them? And what kind of mods did you get done with your tune?
  10. I find it everywhere for $500 and the idler arm for $329
  11. I'm thinking of that as well
  12. Thinking about getting a set. Are they worth the money? Do they actually work?
  13. Thanks for all that info. I also will need to find out if having air bags in the rear of my truck will effect anything
  14. No it doesn't look bad now I just have to decided rough country or super lift