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  1. Synergy hidden winch mount

    Still up for grabs
  2. Energy suspension control arm bushings. Part number 3.3119G in black. Unopened. Asking $35 + shipping. Ended up replacing all contol arms with bushings already pressed in so i have no use for them anymore.
  3. Synergy hidden winch mount

    Sorry built2bend for flaking out on this deal. Im putting this back up for sale. $150 + shipping. payment through paypal, shipping through usps. PM your zip code and i will look up shipping.
  4. Tubular control arms

    You cant really see them in the picture, its just a spacer or shim type thing. Maybe 3/8 or 1/2 in washer that accounts for the longer ball joint stud on these moog bjs. I read that some people were having issues with not recieving them and be sure to ask just to be safe. I asked when i ordered and no problem.
  5. front differential carrier bolt torque?

    Yeah my bad i see now that my header didnt state which bolts. Duh. I Was looking for the torque for the diff to frame bolts and for the axle tube to frame bolts plus the case bolts for when i fab up a new front mount. Thanks again.
  6. 5" trailmaster lift pitman arm clearance

    Here's what i had to do to get things rolling forward. I'm not exactly excited about this, so im gonna be getting ahold of superlift and bds and see about getting the bracket to move the mount. On the plus side ive been hung up on this problem for far too long. New parts are finally going back on the truck! Cant wait to be driving my rig again. One 14mm x 1.50 nut drilled and tapped on 2 sides for set screws on the two sides of the nut that werent shaved. 262 locktite on all fasteners. Tig weld on the bottom of the threads. Maybe that was overkill, but better safe than sorry. I really dont want to lose my steering on the highway, like my father did after a collision shop forgot to put a cotter pin in a tie rod end a couple years ago.
  7. 5" trailmaster lift pitman arm clearance

    I cant speak about the SL6 lift. I got my truck with the trailmaster/Bds. Considering the cost of these kits if i was starting from scratch i would probably search for danna 44s.
  8. front differential carrier bolt torque?

    Great document. Thanks again bd
  9. Tubular control arms

    Second both previous posts. I think i got the pair for 250-300 shipped. Make sure you get the s10 ball joint spacer.
  10. Anyone have that info?
  11. 5" trailmaster lift pitman arm clearance

    Right on, I figured that bracket would have to bolt to the lower front crossmember. I would prefer to fab that bracket up myself, I will have to measure the inner diameter of the differential mount to see if the bushing will press into a standard piece of pipe or even a hole i could broach into some plate. both the superlift and bds brackets look like they use some type round tubing. hopefully i can source something with the same inner diameter. if i can't, i guess i will have to order from one of the two companies. In the meantime, after failing to drill through my pitman arm, I managed to at least drill through the threads of the stud and create a little dimple. Once i saw the dimple I had a light bulb go off in my head. why not get a new nut, drill and tap that nut and put a set screw in there? That is how we keep set collars on shafts and pins in excavators that i work on. That is my plan of action for the time being. I picked up a nut, a set screw, a tap and that's what im installing tomorrow so i can move forward with reassembling the whole front end of my vehicle. Once I figure out the bracket like you have i will go back and install that so I never have to deal with this again! I've got to say thank you again USAGOAL. you really went out of your way to help me out and i know time is a valuable thing. I wish i could return the favor, or at least buy you a case of beer. I looked at your profile and see that you're all the way across the country, but man if you ever need something fabbed up for your rig, that's what i do, i would would be happy to oblige.
  12. Good source for LED aux reverse lights?

    Late to party but i purchased 2 "nilight" 18w leds on amazon for my back up lights. Ive seen good results with the chinese leds if you disassemble them and waterproof them with silicone before installing. Ive also got 2 cheapo $40 42" light bars up front. Just make sure to properly connect your copper wires to the aluminum wire with a splice connector. The metals heat and cool at different rates and corrosion becomes an issue at the splice if you just pigtail them, possibly causing a short or failure. Though i have a friend who just taped ends together and has been rocking that for a few years with no issues...to each his own.
  13. 5" trailmaster lift pitman arm clearance

    Exactly. Maybe just a tack on the nut and stud. A decent impact would probably break it when i need to replace it down the road. This would be a last resort. Yeah the 5" bds lift started out as trailmaster. Its a less refined version so to speak, but essentially rebranded and the same thing; minus the new control arms they started offering, minus shocks, and minus a one piece front crossmember that is two pieces with the trailmaster. None of the updated parts explain why im having this clearance issue. Fabrication isn't an issue. After looking at the picture you supplied of the diff mount drop bracket superlift comes with again and then looking at bds' different lifts im intrigued...bds offered 3 different lifts: one for a zr2 blazer #163h, one for a pickup zr2 #164h both come with a two piece flatbar drop that i have, keeping the stock diff mount. but #165h which is for a non zr2 4x4 blazer and possibly pickup has almost the same bracket shown in you picture, where the bushing is relocated and the stock is mount cut off. Where does that bracket bolt to the frame? Now Im wondering why theres a difference between a non zr2 and a 4x4 blazer diff drop and if i could make a bracket like that work...
  14. 5" trailmaster lift pitman arm clearance

    Still struggling with this problem of gaining needed clearance. Ive been hung up on this for too long! Im cursing bds, or more fairly trailmaster, possibly the person who installed the lift. After replacing the carrier bushings in the diff, with a ball joint press, having to tool a special receiver for the lower bushing and putting the diff back in i gained no clearance. The only answer i see is to cut the pitman arm stud and lose the factory cotter pin hole. Spent way too long grinding down the surface of my center link, the back of the castle nut for the pitman arm, and cutting the stud. Now i need to keep said castle nut torqued to spec. Thought about welding it. I dont want to do that. Thought i would throw the pitman arm in the drill press and drill a new cotter pin hole so i found a 14mm x 1.50 nut to fit, punched it and barely made it through the threads of the stud with the drill bit...ugh. im going to try a masonry bit, a cobalt bit, a carbide tipped bit now. If i can get through the hardened stud im golden. If i cant im throwing around ideas of how to drill a basic nut or notch the stud so that i can get some bailing wire around it or something. Im not content with trusting locktite in this scenario. I just wish i knew how this clearance issue came to be. Ive seen a couple others fight this on here but nowhere near as bad as im experiencing. My previous pitman arm still had the cotter pin hole, barely... thinking whoever installed this lift originally didnt drill their holes in the right spot, or the pitman arm i got didnt seat as much on the steering gear as the previous one, actually I know it didnt, so im cursing moog too! Haha sorry for the negativity, I'll figure this out, im just so frustrated.
  15. Oh and i replaced both seals and both carrier bushings since i ended up dropping the diff anyway. Bearings were in good shape. Hate to put this aluminum case back in but couldnt find and iron case this week.

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