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  1. Cleaning underbody after spirited offroad session?

    No matter how hard I tried, I never got the undercarriage as clean as I would like it to be. I just clean what I can see and then the rest doesnt bother me as much.
  2. woo?

    Where is that at?
  3. iCrash's blaZeR2 revival

    When you replaced the TCase, did the replacement make noise when switching directions like the old one? Mine makes a small clank, but Ive never had any problems with it, I just need to replace the input seal.
  4. 1 ton idler arm adapter

    Dumb question, Ive been out of the loop for a while and I am trying to get my scrap back in order. I dont see why it wouldnt, but there shouldnt be any issues with a nonz Blazer with a superlift 6 kit installed would there?
  5. woo?

    What place? The forum. Its been a while since Ive logged in :/ You let me know. I just rewired my electric fans and took it for a spin. It seems to be leaking out trans fluid...not sure why. The last thing I replaced was that vacuum actuator on the tcase, so I need to figure that out.
  6. woo?

    Wow this place has changed!
  7. woo?

    Nice pics, kinda gets me motivated. I need to get some shit together.
  8. Parting 98 BlaZR2-Prices Reduced

    Still have front driveshaft?
  9. woo?

    I'm ok with that, haha. Ok, I need to scavenge a few parts from the classifieds here. I blew my front DS up last time I drove it lol.
  10. woo?

    We plan an offroad trip lol
  11. Gears, Gas Millage and RPM

    I have 4.56s and Id be tempted to go higher if they were available. Sometimes Ill be driving around offroad and it feels underpowered. WIth that being said, I get 13.5-14.5 around town and have gotten 17-18.5 on the hwy. Be advised that its mostly flat where I am and there isnt any hills.
  12. woo?

    WOO! Yeah I'm still alive. Been busy and haven't had much time to whore forums up at all. You know what happens everytime I come back and post here right?
  13. woo?

  14. 10 annual Wharton State forest clean up.

    I MIGHT be available that weekend

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