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  1. No front wheel is spinning. It backs up like if it were in 2-hi.
  2. Last summer I did a major overhaul (engine, clutch, transfer, etc.) to my '99 manual transmission LS S-10 truck & everything was working fine. Now I've noticed that it can go 4X4 hi or low forward but when I shift to reverse it spins from one tire (it doesn't go 4X4). If right then I shift to 1st gear it takes off in 4x4. How can this be?. Roger
  3. My '99 LS as described here has the temp sensor located on the engine block on the driver's side & i'm wondering why is there a NPT plug at the water intake near the thermostat?. I don't know if that's supposed to be like that or if something was taken out. A friend of mine has a 4x2 s10 & at that place there's some kind of sensor. Can someone clarify?. Roger
  4. Hey thanks a lot!!
  5. i know there's a "How to" on eliminating the oil lines from the block to the filter, but I'd really like to find out what is the part # for these lines 'cause I couldn't find anything when I searched. In my first attempt I thought I order the right ones & they ended up being the lines from the engine to the cooler. Can anyone help me out?. It will be greatly appreciated. Roger
  6. Ok, thanks!
  7. I have a 1999 S10 LS 4x4 manual transmission & I'm replacing the clutch. I need to know what type (viscosity) of trans & transfer case (if different) fluids it uses. Also an approximate quantity I'll need to buy. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Roger
  8. He, He, He!!, point taken. Really appreciate it guys!!
  9. I know there are a few how to's for the motor mounts. I need the exact energy suspension or any other good motor & transmission mounts part numbers 'cause the mechanic keeps saying based on his experience that the aftermarket ones are shorter making the oil pan hit the cross member. BTW I have a 1999 s10 LS 4x4 (I believe is the same as the ZR2). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Roger
  10. Thanks a lot for the quick response!!
  11. For a 1999 4X4 S-10 LS. I already have the OE clutch kit & clutch slave cylinder but I hear that while the tranny is down I should replace some seal between the engine & transmission. Can anyone elaborate?, what other parts would you suggest while I'm at it?. Any help will be appreciated since is the first time I'm dealing with this & would like to get it right the first time. Roger
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm currently looking at the Gripforce one, we'll see.
  13. I need to replace the clutch on my 1999 s-10 LS manual trans. I've already bought the AC Delco clutch kit but need to find the slave cylinder. The thing is I've read here there are plastic ones & steel ones & when I search to buy one it doesn't specify which one it is. I don't even know if the OE is steel or plastic. Can anyone give me direction?. Will be much appreciated. Roger
  14. Thanks a lot guys for the info!!