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  1. No Start in Extreme Cold

    Mystery may be solved. Truck ran great for a week then a no start. It was not very cold or wet outside but found spark leaking from coil tower. Replaced coil with good part from my garage and it flashed up right away. Still testing, I do not trust the truck yet. Tomorrow will be very cold -25c\-13f this will be the real test.
  2. No Start in Extreme Cold

    Thank you for the reply ZR2indiana I had my battery charger on boost when all this was taking place. This morning it was-10c/13f it started stalled,tried again with slight pedal pressure and no problem good to go? This week is going to be warmer so I expect no problems up to Christmas, but I do not trust my blazer any more. I will replace spark plugs and wires just because I have them. I read a post on the net about ign. switch may act up when cold? Since it did not start with starting fluid I am thinking more Ign.problem than fuel.
  3. No Start in Extreme Cold

    My Blazer did not start again today in -25c / -13f . Last Friday I had a no start at that temp. It would try once in a couple crank sequences. Tried staring fluid, propane and no luck, so I suspect no spark. Removed coil wire and had good spark? Checked fuel pressure ok 60-65 psi. Went to parts store and bought new cap and rotor. After installing them it fired right up. Now this all started in the morning by the time I had installed cap and rotor It was noon and a bit warmer. Did not make it to work that day. Drove Blazer all weekend and it never got that cold but it was still cold ( I am in Canada) and had no problems. Fixed right, well Monday morning -25c/-13f and no start? I even plugged in the block heater to make sure I did not miss work again. I used wiifes torrent, yes a torrent it started . Made it to work, at 11 she called me and Blazer started no problems? Maybe I should move south, it might want to start then. Now let me also tell you I have 308000km/191400m.
  4. hello from kamloops bc

    good day from the nations capital
  5. power mirror w/it sensitive

    has anybody found a aftermarket left mirror gm 15106003.need to replace mine it seems the fluid is leaking out of it
  6. fuel pump part numbers

    sorry for taking so long my filing system is not that good.gm part number for robust fuel system fuel pump assembly 15207043 this is also known as 43-mu1414 delco I hope this helps it was pain full getting the correct pump
  7. fuel pump part numbers

    fuel pump on mine was hard to figure out, a zr2 has what gm calls robust fuel system , dealer could not figure out pump number even with the vin .went to a napa store looked up pump ac delco number found then I ordered from the dealer. this did take some patience .i will look for my invoice for the part number
  8. Moon/Sun Roof in all ZR-2 Blazers?

    2000 with sun/moonroof up here in canada
  9. New Forum Member - Canada

    good day from the Ottawa and welcome to the site
  10. 2004 Zr2 Jimmy from Canada

    welcome eh!
  11. hello from canada

    sorry for delayed response, not on computer much in the summer. I have a 98 xc 700 with 22000 miles. built in the usa. tough and fast
  12. upper ball joints

    thanks for the advice, went with moog not cheap $97 cdn. each
  13. upper ball joints

    are the upper ball joints on a zr2 different then regular blazers. what is a good name in ball joints
  14. hello from canada

    welcome to the site, you will find great info. not too many canucks
  15. Hello from Upstate NY

    welcome from Ontario Canada

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