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  1. I am just running a Gabriel steering stabilizer. Has worked fine for me. I don't like the super stiff units. Extra load on the power steering and makes for slower turning when speed is needed IMO. Keep in mind, with the RC lift comes longer travel of both front and rear, shocks are longer than stock. Stock shocks with this kit will end up being extended to their limits on full suspension droop. Just an FYI Stock Front Shocks Extended Length 16.625" Compressed Length 11.375" Stock Rear Shocks: Extended Length 25.250" Compressed Length 16.000" RC Shocks: Front shock is 19.7 extended and 12.4 compressed Rear shock is 26 extended and 15.5 compressed
  2. First off, welcome! Nice find on a low mileage rig! Post up some pics! One of the best things you can do is the one ton idler arm. (Cost is around $300-$350) There are multiple threads on it in here. I'm pushing four years on mine now. The stock idler will be toast in 6 months or less depending on your driving habits and your off road use. The 2.5" RC lift is a nice little upgrade for some better upper arms and ball joints. I'm running it on mine. Don't expect a full 2.5" lift. I think most are seeing about 2" max on the Z's. Oh the shocks with the kit are ok. I've run the fronts and they have been ok, the rears on the pickups are to stiff so I run my stock bilsteins.
  3. Hydro Boost *How To*

    There is nothing special. Just bolt it up and run your lines. This is a super easy mod.
  4. Bravada shaft, iron diff, no front 4wd

    Never thought to ask in our texts, does your blazer have the four button auto t-case?
  5. Hall enters ZR2 in to Vegas to Reno Race

    I hope this does well. Will really help put this on buyers radar.
  6. Neutral Safety Switch

    Neutral safety switch as it has been called in the past is on the transmission now. What your experiencing sounds like a very common issue of a worn key. I fought it on mine when I first bought it. Had a locksmith cut me a key based on the key code, not the usual copy you get at Ace hardware. Has worked ever since.
  7. My 2005 Sierra

    Trucks looking good!
  8. Bed support sill replacement project

    AZ desert in particular. Great place to find rust free rigs. Grew up in AZ-NM area. Never had to deal with rust until I moved to Spokane. Chemical deicers used in the winter here will destroy a rig if you don't keep them clean underneath, but nothing like back east.
  9. New member Southern Illinois

    Welcome! There are some great mods you can do, just depends on your definition of cheap. Throttle body blade mod, steering mods that are relatively cheap and very much worth the time and money, headlight improvements like the quad beam mod, DRL disable, etc..... Do some searching/browsing in the forums section, lots of great info on mods and predictive/preventative items.
  10. Bed support sill replacement project

    Nice work! I feel for you guys living in high rust areas!
  11. New guy from Los Angeles.

    http://www.ebay.com/usr/s10warehouse?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 http://www.ebay.com/itm/1995-2005-Chevy-S10-Blazer-GMC-Jimmy-Rear-Spare-Tire-Mount-Carrier-OEM-/382162098841?hash=item58faa2da99:g:qGwAAOSwiA9ZZkVG&vxp=mtr
  12. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    Could have swore I saw a Canyon with an Alpha badge on it in a GMC Dealership once, was a fully loaded CC Z71, but my memory is not that good. Knew for sure of the H3 Alpha package. I tried to get the H3-T Alpha before they ended production. Didn't work out, dealer knew what they had and wouldn't dicker. And yea they were stupid expensive, do remember that.
  13. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    The previous Colorado/canyon could be had with a 5.3L. Was called the Alpha iirc. Same with the H3's.
  14. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    That's a cool build!
  15. New guy from Los Angeles.


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