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  1. 03 S-10 Daytime running Light Grief

    here you go. I don't have time to dig into the wiring diagram myself https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9SEfFECXSWXNmY4YzljN2MtN2I5ZS00NDAzLTg0MTItM2NkNzY2NTFlZmY5/edit
  2. 03 S-10 Daytime running Light Grief

    nope, if it is a ZR2, the low beams are supposed to be the DRLs. non-ZR2s have the high beams as DRLs. definitely a unique problem though. i wouldn't be able to answer without spending some time on the wiring diagrams
  3. Steering gearbox ..

    i personally prefer the zq8 box. It's what i put in my ZR2. they are different ratios based on package, just pick the one you want. they will all bolt up
  4. Seat bolt stuck!

    dont heat the bolt, heat the female threads. you want the female to expand to loosen, not the bolt to expand and tighten. smoking the carpet really means nothing. douse the carpet in water first so you dont set it on fire.
  5. Seat bolt stuck!

    definitely use a torch from the backside. GM used threadlocker which releases with heat.
  6. ZR2tooo's LS build.

    im not sure what you are so worried about
  7. ZR2tooo's LS build.

    just drill it out in the block. super easy. i just used a hand drill and slowly stepped up the hole size until it was snug on the oring
  8. high clearance front bumper

    nope, still on 31s. already struggling to keep wheel bearings and steering components alive. I think a SFA might happen before i go bigger
  9. 2002 Blazer to 2002 S10 ZR2 Transmission Swap

    yes, will be a direct swap if it is a 4wd transmission. a 2wd will have a different tailshaft since it doesn't bolt to the t-case. the style of tcase does not matter, both interface the same. bellhousings are all the same. price seems high compared to what I see around here. I sold a 4L60e (2wd) for $50 since noone wanted it for $80
  10. high clearance front bumper

    aand got it wired up
  11. high clearance front bumper

    still no grill, but bumper is done
  12. high clearance front bumper

    thanks, steering is fine, camera angle and cell phone camera lense distorts things
  13. high clearance front bumper

    bashed the stock bumper enough to mangle it so finally got around to making a stronger one with better clearance. while i was at it I moved the winch plate above the frame rail for better approach angle swapped to the GMC headlights so i don't need a grill to hold up the corner lense still working on making a grill for it, had to go pins because the stock hood latch wouldn't fit with the winch in there anymore.
  14. Mounds trip (SE Michigan)

    Had some fun on the rocks today, first time I've ever been able to make it over them. I didn't take an overall picture, but here's the rock pile (from google searching) It was extremely muddy today so it took a while to scrape the mud off the tires and get any grip. nothing broke this time, managed to get enough mud stuck up in my t case shifter area that i had to drop the skid plate and manually shift out of 4 low later though.
  15. Engine

    how's your AC system?

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