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  1. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    Thanks, Yup, I need to at the very least gather all the parts i need from junkyards before the winter starts. Off to the yard this weekend to find some exhaust flanges!
  2. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    got lucky and somehow the stock coils and brackets bolted up with just a fastener change on the last bolt/stud. used a regular bolt and it looks like it'll work fine new steering shaft made from just regular 1"DD technically clears the heat shield. with flex im sure there'll be some rub, but the heat shield should self clearance itself.
  3. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    i mocked up the 98-99 stamped SS camaro manifolds. the pass side is fine, it works, but the drivers side points pretty much straight at the front diff, plus it comes out wider so the steering shaft has no chance at fitting. no idea why this is the 'common' setup for s10s. Envoy manifolds it is! If i'm really lucky i can find a bolt-in y-pipe too, and get to retain the factory 3 bolt flanges. fingers crossed.
  4. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    tossed the driver side envoy manifold on for shits and giggles and wow, that actually looks pretty nice! no gasket on there now so that'll cause a little issue, but i can actually install the steering shaft with the heat shield on. exit is pretty ideal too. since i already have the f-body ones being shipped to me, I'm going to see if those do better, but I have a feeling the envoy one is the way to go (at least for the drivers side)
  5. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    thanks for the link, but jeez some of you guys are making a whole lot more money than me. $100 per side for used manifolds? I have a pair of them on the way for $75 shipped off ls1tech now.
  6. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    im going to start looking for some 98/99 camaro manifolds to try out
  7. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    I can't imagine spending $5-600 on some short tube aftermarket headers. For that kind of money I would be better off making some long tubes from scratch or modify some cheaper aftermarket ones I think I was only in around $300 for the longtubes I mod/made when I did my LS rx7 swap years ago again I'm really not worrying about ultimate performance on this swap, reliability and ease/budget are much more important to me.
  8. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    modified vette alternator bracket seems to work well next step is to try to weld the 4.3 AC compressor bracket to this without running out of room
  9. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    i always assumed the geometries were equivalent and the material/wall thickness was the only difference between the stamped to cast manifolds but apparently not, you are totally right. oh well. I think the pass side is good with the envoy one. we'll see if anything I have is good for the drivers side
  10. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    of course, while i was mocking up, I realized I had forgotten to remove several broken exhaust bolts from the engine before dropping it in. While I hated myself for being dumb, (never rely on mental notes on a project you have been procrastinating from doing for over a year!) having a welder really makes bolt extraction super easy. it would have been a whole lot easier on an engine stand though. access was mediocre with the fender gap liner out. the last 5.3 I swapped I used a drill and tap and was never super happy with the end result.
  11. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    So i didn't know until today that the envoy manifolds are not the same as the truck ones. here is the pass side compared to a 02ish camaro one camaro one mocked up Envoy one for the camaro ones being the "typical" s10 swap (2wd), i am not particularly impressed. I'd need a pretty sharp turn back to run the camaro ones, plus i'll need to cover up all the EGR ports. the Envoy one fit pretty nicely and I think I may even be able to run the 3 bolt flange, which would make installation a tad easier. Anyone know if anyone aftermarket makes the flange/flared tube section?
  12. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    i started on a thing. lets hope this works
  13. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    got new engine mounts waterjet, these will place the engine 1/2" lower than the first set welded and painted comparing to V1 engine placed in "final" position still have adjustment capability forwards if i were to modify the trans xmember now i have "clearance" to the HVAC box and the oilpan notch is working out well closest thing down here is oil filter to diff bolts as seen here, but at least the oil filter is "squishable" without too much issue
  14. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    "front end accessory drive" yea. that's an interesting layout. what led you to go that route instead of a more typical layout?
  15. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    good to know, we'll see where mine sits with the new mounts. i haven't decided which intake i'll run, if there's no significant packaging issue i'll probably stick with the truck intake, i have both currently but might as well use the one that performs better. which FEAD offset are you running?

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