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  1. Ended up replacing the fuel filter and the distributor cap & rotor. This fixed my issue, thankfully! Sold the S10 and upgraded to a Duramax.
  2. Hey gang, First things first, here's what I'm experiencing: My 2001 S10 4.3 ZR2 pickup appears to lose power and has troubles climbing in RPMs above about 3,000. Trucks starts and idles perfectly. It feels strong and runs hard up until about 3,000RPM at which point the power drops off and it has a slow climb to redline. This issue was magnified when I attempted to go up in elevation outside Denver. The truck began to hiccup and stutter in an attempt to climb the hills. Normal day to day driving to/from work there is no signs of issues. Only noticeable when needing higher RPMs. The only engine code I'm receiving is both bank1 & bank2 O2 sensors voltage low (or lean). I've replaced both front O2 sensors. I've checked the fuel pressure and it was consistently 50psi+ as I drove around locally for a brief amount of time. (Perhaps I need to perform a longer test.) MAF sensor was thoroughly cleaned as well as the sensor behind it. I've got a new distributor cap & rotor as well as a new fuel filter arriving in the mail tomorrow. Any experiences or direction you all could share would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to save myself from throwing a bunch more money into this thing. I'd like to get it running well so I can sell it soon. Thanks.
  3. Potential Topper - Need opinions please...

    Very true! Thanks a lot for the info. These are all good things to consider. Sounds like if I go with the topper or not, I'm still gonna be looking for a trailer if I buy a sled. I'll probably have to purchase a flat bed, so the topper will provide coverage for any items I don't want to get wet. You can only fit so much in the extended cab!
  4. Potential Topper - Need opinions please...

    I'm not worried about the third brake light. @mustach29: Looks nice. I see the benefits when it comes to camping and taking her out on the trails, however I'm gonna have to get a trailer and a hitch in order to haul my track bike and snowmobile (if I don't talk myself out of that purchase too). Ha.
  5. Potential Topper - Need opinions please...

    Not sure why it was installed before. I believe the owner stated it came from Leer like that. I'm still debating whether or not to drop $450 on it (includes paint). I'm starting to think I use my truck more often for situations that would require the topper to be removed. I could always turn around and sell it for that price I would think if I decided to get rid of it. I found a member on here that has a similar topper:
  6. Hey gang, I found a topper for my ZR2 ext cab locally. The owner turns out is actually an automotive painter himself. He is willing to paint black to match, clear coat, wet sand, get new t-handle & keys, get new foam to protect bed, & everything for a really, really good price. I just have one question for you guys. SHOULD I KEEP THE SPOILER OR NOT?!!?
  7. Ultimate Black Wheel Thread. Talk about them here

    Yeah I think so. I rarely can't hear much over my radio that is being used to drown out the sound of my plastic interior rattling/ squeaking.
  8. Ultimate Black Wheel Thread. Talk about them here

    Just installed my new wheels/ tires today. These are US Wheels Black Modular 15x7 w/ 4.5 of backspacing. Tires are Falken Wildpeaks AT 31x10.5
  9. Motodrew

  10. Hey gang. I just purchased an '01 S10 ZR2 a few weeks ago. I figured it was about time to find something a little more practical in the city other than my '85 Silverado. I live in Denver, CO and plan on taking the ZR2 on some mountain trails this summer. I'll try to snap some awesome photos for you guys. I got a lot of modifications planned for the rig this summer. I should have my new wheels & tires here next week, so I'll make sure I share a photo! I already got my sweet stereo installed. I'll have to share some photos of that setup too. This site has already been a big help and I'm sure it will come in handy in the future as well! Here is a picture of my new ZR2 and also my big rig during my last road trip back to Iowa! Drew

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