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    Chevy S10
  1. it was a custom cross member that is bolted to the frame that has been reinforced. it bolts to the truck frame using 5 3/4" bolts on each side.
  2. I agree, a stock JK will mount nicely to the s10 frame. Here is a shot of the mounting point to the frame using the stock mounting points of a jk axle. The springs were mounted flush with the topside of the frame. I am also running 35s.
  3. Once the links and cross member were fabricated, it was time for the engine/tranny/transfercase to come out. Out with the old 4.8, in with the new LS1. It is backed by a 4L60e upgraded to a 4L65 using a full size torque converter out of a Silverado and a 243 transfer case. I dont trust the np233 to handle the addition load. I have included a few shots of the inside links and mounts. The upper link is pretty tight to the frame under full compression so the frame will be notched out a bit to provide additional clearance. Did a quick articulation test to make sure there was no binding in the links before starting with the coil, shock and track bar mounts. Here is a quick shot of the custom brake mount bracket. With this added power and weight, a brake upgrade over the stock JK brakes was absolutely necessary. The front was upgraded to a 345mm rotor and 355mm in the rear. Anything else would be dangerous. With the upgraded brake calipers, more fluid flow was required. the master cylinder was upgraded to one out of a Silverado 1500. It is a bolt on master cylinder. *Update: the braking system has no issue locking up 4-35s on dry pavement with plenty of peddle travel left.
  4. Now that the rear axle is fabbed up, started working on the front. Began by completely gutting the front suspension and steering components. All of the frame mounts were cut out. After all of the old, worn out components were removed, bolted the tires to the front axle and started mocking up the link points and articulation arcs. Had to make sure there were no interferences between the axle and the body/frame before we starting removing front end components. Removed the front core support to provide more accessibility top the frame. Fabbed up some upper and lower link arms. They are more mid length arms than the long arms. The length I used was based off whatever the shortest distance was from the center wheel well to the straightest portion of the frame. I used a link arm design spreadsheet to confirm all the angles were within tolerance. Next was the front link mount support... no expense was spared when creating this thing. It is a beast. For an added measure of safety the frame rails (localized in the region of the mount support) were strengthened using 1/4" angle iron shown below which was welded to the frame on all edges. The link arm cross member also sever as the transmission mount and is bolted to the frame using 5 3/4" bolts per side. Once this was complete, the drive train was removed...
  5. Some more pictures of the rear:
  6. Sorry, coil sprongs, not coilovers. I was half asleep when I wrote that... I am going to filter through all the build pics and videos before I post but more to follow. Believe it or not the suspension was the easy part. Its the little stuff that takes the longest. The major setback was getting the tranny right. Its a 4l65 out of a Silverado backed by a 243 tcase.
  7. So the suspension upgrade is complete. Were a few setbacks as I upgraded to a LS1 as well. More to follow...
  8. No the upper link mounts aren't adjustable. I used a 4-link calculator spreadsheet to find the sweet spot given the link arm lengths and distance between them at the axle. Pics to follow...
  9. The rear install is now complete. Finding the lower link mount was fairly straight forward. The upper link on the other hand took some tuning to dial in antisquat under power. As it sits now, it should be neutral under load. Articulation is great as well. Right now the 4" JK springs achieve approximately 8" of lift over the stock zr2 suspension.
  10. Thanks. the rear axle install is complete. I believe the overall lift is 8" over stock. The front will be much more difficult.
  11. Now that all of the brackets have been welded time to build the axle: Cleaning the axle inner out: upload gifs Bearings, shims, gears... full install kit: image hosting sites Makeshift case spreader: image upload no resize Preparing the shafts for new seals and set 10s: images upload ARB and 4.10s fully installed: screenshot windows Installed the shafts and brake backing plate. Picked up a poison rear diff cover that I powdered coated black and red: how to use print screen
  12. Modifying the rear axle to fit the frame of the S10: Cut off the stock jk spring perches and prepping for the track bar mount and new perches: screenshot Left side: upload image online Right Side: image uploading site
  13. I have looked into the diversified kit. I think I can build everything cheaper than it would be to buy the parts and then modify them. So far the bed and all rear suspension components have been removed. stock brackets have been cut off to make way for the rear mounts. Dana 30 front complete and dana 44 housing: print screen windows Rear frame stripped: screencast Positioning the rear axle in place to get an idea for height. screenshot windows And this is the first crack at setting up the upper and lower control arm mounts. the lower mount is permanent but the upper one will have to be tuned to remove binding through the axle articulation cycle: screen shot
  14. So instead of replacing the blown out IFS, I have decided to take the plunge and do a SFA swap on the s10. It will be a daily driver so my plan isn't to go super high with the lift and will be coilover 4-link front and rear using JK wrangler 4" suspension lift parts. there is very limited information on 4-link setups for the zr2 so there will be a lot of trial and error in getting this right. CAD can only take you so far... Some specifics: JK Dana 30 front w/ 4.10 JK Dana 44 rear w/ 4.10 and ARB JK Front 4" lift springs JK 4" lift Rancho 9000XL Shocks Custom control links Fuel Trophy Wheels 35x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Will start with the rear and finish with the front. The front will take some time. Pics to follow... Before: image upload
  15. This is the book i used...