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  1. On hitchesonline.com they list one to fit 94-04 . You may have to trim your valance a little, but I´m not sure about that. Jan
  2. Hello again from Germany. I had this plateholder on mine until I crushed it while wheeling. After that I mounted the plate to the valance and the TUV had nothing against it. The headlightwasher actually has its own pump and tank inside the front bumper. They come on with the windshieldwashers when the headlights are switched on. Jan
  3. I have a Spintech on my Blazer, Part # 6334 , stock shortened tailpipe . A little quieter than the glasspack I had before , but much better sound. I will try to get a soundclip of it.
  4. Tom, no that wasn`t me ,I live about 250 miles north of landstuhl. I have an information from a german federal agency that 87 euro spec BlaZeR2 were sold in Germany. Jan
  5. Where is Luedinghausen? I spent 4 years in the Eiffel region (Schwarzenborn). Luedinghausen is near Muenster in Nordrhein-Westfalen. In germany it is required by law that the tread of the tire is covered.
  6. Hello from Germany ! I have a euro spec BlaZeR2, you can see some pics on my member page. It came stock with 31 inch LongTrails and the spare mounted outside and the headlight washers and heated power mirrors were standard equipment. Jan