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  1. My blazer does get off road. This is how I upgraded my RC2.5" lift. Still have front shocks and swaybar to do.
  2. These are what he is talking about. They allow you to install an S10 unit bearing into a Dana 30 knuckle allowing the ABS to stay happy. I made these but am busy with my SAS right now.
  3. 2.5" RC update; I had CV boot issues and I had CV binding issues. I also found the passenger side upper control arm broken in the center of the weld. I have now swapped back to the factory upper control arms and I will stay with those until I SAS. The BJ's on the RC control arms were still fine and No other issues but changing CV's wasn't my idea of fun. I still had my original CV's in prior to the lift. I went to the junk yard and picked up some GM factory CV's and installed those. I use my blazer off road and as a DD so I like everything to stay in good working order at all times. RC said they will warranty the arms, but I will probably just sell them with the RC shocks. My factory bilsteins went back in and I realized how much rougher the ride was with the RC lift/shocks. I am not saying this lift is a bad lift I am saying it didn't work for me. I am keeping the diff lowering bracket because it didn't cause any issues. Broken weld. This pic shows the drivers side arm starting to bend too.
  4. I picked up some roll on dupli color. I will need to wait until spring now. My garage isn't big enough to fit my blazer or any vehicle in now with my other toys. I need a 3 car next time. Save your pennies for a garage too! I picked myself up a Lincoln squarewave 175 for TIG (GTAW). It is a great machine, I run a helium argon mix that allows a slightly hotter arc. It isn't a cheap machine and you do need power to run it. I have welded 3/8 alum. and 1/2" steel. It is also a stick (SMAW) machine so if I need to weld big stuff I will go that route. My welds have come a long way from whee I started and I have started doing some CWB testing. I passed my SMAW flat. I don't weld everyday, and sometimes it takes a few beads to make them look like they should.
  5. There you go. The locker pins wore out. I guess it is operator error for expecting it to stay locked between froward and reverse. I installed a yukon grizzly locker today. Reviews to follow. Hopefully I will have good things to say, unlike the eaton.
  6. I have a bent drivers rear axle too. My dial indicator measures 0.033" TIR on the flange. May have been a result of some sliding in the winter. . Off road use is a possibility for me too though. Just a note; Your rotors may be worn funny now too and should be replaced when you swap the axles.
  7. I have one in my shed. It is my back up but if you are in a pickle I can help you out.
  8. Chopped the exhaust. I also picked up some duplicolo(u)r bedliner!
  9. Buzz it down, epoxy primer, scuff it and spray the liner. Ok, I am a total noob. Buzz it with what? Why not self etch primer? What liner do you recommend? Don't worry I will have more questions I'm sure.
  10. Don't worry, it was put to good use. Bedliner is not direct to metal, in case you didn't know. So, tell me step by step what to do. Sand off the mill scale? Self etching primer? etc.
  11. I am thinking about bed liner. Recommendations? This bumper has been a ton of work. I gained 3" of ground clearance. 3" of length was eliminated. I measured the departure angle before and after. 29 degrees to 36 degrees. I did add some weight, but only 25lbs.
  12. Weld and grind, weld and grind, weld and grind. I need to do something with the exhaust.