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  1. SOLD
  2. SOLD Local buyer
  3. My new trailer and the BlaZeR2.
  4. Try a T-47. Your local auto parts store probably has one. I got mine off with a T-50 but they didn't come out without a fight. I read somewhere that T-47 is a better fit.
  5. Truk, did you just use a 2x4 and put it behind the pins that hold the arm to the mounts? Sounds easy enough. One body shop quoted me over $900 to fix mine. 2x4 is little less expensive.
  6. Here is a pic of his Blazer.
  7. This is his Blazer.
  8. I have same problem. Looking for same solution.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I am thinking I will skip the exhaust and just keep paying for gas.
  10. I did the math on the exhaust, tune, intake, and pulley. At 12k mile a year, $3.50 gas, it would take two years to pay it back if I increase mileage by from 15 to 18mpg. I think that is reasonable enough. I like this idea, save a little money on the y-pipe.
  11. I have a 100% stock 2000 BlaZeR2 and right now getting 15mpg with 50/50 city/hwy driving. I have an exhaust appointment for next Tuesday and I want to know what you think of 2.25" pipe vs 2.5" pipe is better for improving MPG. My 100% goal is better MPG. Its a daily driver and not used off-road much at all. Here is my current plan. Cut stock exhaust off just below O2 sensors on down tubes, new 2.5" pipe mandrel bent to Y. 2.5" pipe from Y to "super ultra high flow cat" and 2.5 pipe into Magnaflow 18" muffler, 2.5" pipe bent for stock exit. I am planning on ebay intake, PCM tune, and underdrive pulleys. Do you think with the planned mods that 2.5" is the size to go with? or leave all the 2.25" stock stuff and just replace the cat and muffler? Thanks in advance.
  12. Also interested. Will send you a text tomorrow morning.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. You have given me a lot of ideas to try. I am going to try to get rid of the smell on my own. But if that doesn't work I will take it to a professional detail shop.
  14. Welcome. Cool bumper.
  15. I read several old posts here about people wrapping the Blazer rear panel clips in 3M Super33 electrical tape to stop the panels from squeaking. Do you wrap the clip on the inside where it mounts to the panel? or Do you wrap the outside folded over piece that slides into the body panels?