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  1. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Is that the panel that goes across under the steering column and has the foam on it? Is there a option code on the glovebox door that I can check to see if this 2004 Blazer even has the remote control? I can't believe a 28,000 dollar S-10 Blazer would have been ordered without remote locks.
  2. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    I've heard the remote module is below the steering column and is a box about 3x3 or so. I can't find the one on my daughter's blazer though.
  3. New member Southern Illinois

    Welcome aboard! I'm a little further north in the Springfield, IL area.
  4. Found my cap off

    Nah, just top it off and secure the cap on it. You should be fine.
  5. New guy from Los Angeles.

    Welcome aboard! Props for starting with pics too. I bought my daughter a 2004 S-10 Blazer 4x4 for her first car also. Wish I could have found her a ZR2 one but it will work okay. You found a very nice one.
  6. Engine go boom

    Does this truck have an automatic transmission? If so, don't forget to remove the three torque convertor bolts from the flywheel and push the convertor back into the tranny. The oil cooler lines can stay attached to the engine if its easier. There is a brace that runs down from the motor mount to the bell housing that can be reached over the frame rail on the driver's side. It might run thru the oil cooler lines. Keep in mind most of what I am describing to you is from a '94 ZR2 std cab pickup that my son owns so there may be some variables different from your year truck. Over the years I have owned S-10 trucks from 1983 thru 2004 so the specific details can get kinda blurry in my mind.
  7. Engine go boom

    If you need to remove the exhaust Y-pipe, cut it somewhere that can be sleeved or welded back together easily. The job looks intimidating but it's really not that bad to do. Post up if you need anymore help.
  8. Engine go boom

    I would just move the air conditioiner compressor towards the front and tie it with wire. That way you don't have to drain the freon. The lower wiring harness can just lay in the engine bay. I take the alternator wiring and top engine harness to the passenger side. The other wiring harness I just layed back to the driver's side window. You may need to lift the back of the transmission tiping the engine forward to get the bellhousing bolts out on top of the engine.
  9. Crank Position Sensor Went Bad Again

    Did those first few sensors rub the crank and have any marks on them? Maybe you've needed the spacers for awhile. What brand parts are you using for the replacements?
  10. New guy

    What?! My computer shows that he first posted 12 hours ago. Do I have some setting messed up?
  11. New guy

    Welcome aboard! Huge props for starting your first post with pics!
  12. Engine go boom

    I think they take a 15mm wrench head but it's been years since I rebuilt the engine. They are the same bolt as the bell housing bolts size if you can look that up somewhere. You just need to buy them longer to go thru the engine stand mounting plate.
  13. Seats interchangeable...?

    The 60/40 seat is just like buckets except the cushion and arm rest in the middle hang off the left side seat. Some guys have even taken them out and cut the side off to make them into bucket seats. Basically the passenger seat is already a bucket seat. It's only the Drivers side that is different. Tracks are the same for both. It's only a bench seat that doesn't have the center holes.
  14. New Member in Idaho

    Welcome! Nice looking Blazer your building.
  15. Rough country 2 inch install

    Looks good and the truck looks really clean. Are you also planning different wheels and larger tires in the future?

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