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  1. Did you break a connecting rod at the piston on the #2 cylinder? Wow! At least it didn't cause an accident for you when it blew.
  2. So what broke the oil pan? I can't tell from the pictures. The silverado 4.3 should work if its from the same year range and looks similiar externally. You should probably use all your S-10 sensors unless the silverado ones are the same as yours. A salvage yard could probably tell you if the engines would swap easy. Keep us posted when you find out more info. Good Luck!
  3. I've got a Harbor Freight 54" lower box and an old Craftsman 24" top box. That way I have room for my mini frig on top of the lower box too. I think the Harbor Freight roller cabinets are virtually the same as the Snap-On only tons cheaper. They hold tons (literally) of tool weight and have held up well for the last few years at CAT where my son is a diesel mechanic on heavy equipment and mine trucks. I highly recommend the HF box and buy it with coupons too.
  4. I have mainly Craftsman tools bought in the late 60's and early 70's before it became chinese junk. Other than those there are some Stanley, ViceGrips, Snap-On and Ingersol air tools in my roller chests. Lifetime warranty is very important to me on hand tools since I keep them so long and use them regularly. I think Stanley has better tools than Craftsman lately. Snap-On tools are expensive but the quality is certainly top notch especially if you are making your living with them. Cheap tools are like a dull knife, somebody is going to get hurt if you actually use them.
  5. Looks nicely installed. Should last a good time.
  6. I've never seen one without any side decals. Can you check with the dealer or autobody shop for correct decals and proper placement?
  7. I run two of those on my old hotrod right behind the headers and then angle out in front of the rear tires. It's really loud but the huge camshaft sounds great thru them.
  8. With the adapters installed, that will give the wheel only about 4" total of backspacing compared to the stock 6" wheel. Moving the tire out that 2" will give clearance problems on the front when turning.
  9. Nice stance!
  10. Welcome on board! Of course, we are going to need pics.
  11. Sounds like the ignition switch is bad too.
  12. Bad temperature sensor? There are two, one for the gauge and one for the PCM.
  13. Ignition switch or key tumbler getting worn would be my guess.
  14. Try making sure the belt is installed in the correct groove on all pulleys before starting the engine? If one was off the groove it may have made the belt jump off the rest of the pulleys. Are all pulleys in alignment with each other using a yard stick or straight edge? Could any spacers have dropped out during the repairs causing the pulley to be out of align? Maybe check all bolts for tightness?
  15. Check the neutral safety switch located with the brake pedal. It has a plunger that pushes in/out against the brake pedal arm.