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  1. The LPG tanks are extremly safe. They are not bullitproof, but they are crash proof and with autoshut off. As i know there has been no accidents with these thanks, As for the range, lpg uses 20% then petrol with no difference in preformance. All to meet vehicle code there. Everything I've seen of Euro-spec American 4x4s makes me think the fender-mounted turn signal repeaters must be mandatory, along with full-coverage flares and the headlamp washers. BlueGate- what type of headlamps does the truck have? Are they halogen or HID? Also what size is the spare tire? The container it is in doesn't look large enough to house a 31" tire. Out of curiosity, what is the price difference between gasoline and LPG? It is also interesting that your truck still appears to have the rear seats fitted- I thought I remembered reading once elsewhere that it was common for SUVs in Norway to be sold without rear seats as "vans" (I think) to avoid some hefty tax. Halogen. Aftermarket Hid are to complex to install. They have to auto dim when other cars comes head on. Spare tire lol.......Thats my lpg tank. 65 litre. The only tank that could fit the way i whanted. 1 litre lpg costs about 1.5 usd and 1 litre petrol costs close to 3 usd Yes i got my rear seats fitted. When the car has been registrated for 10 years(in Norway) you can put the rear seats inn for free. There are some requirements the suv has to meet before it can be sold as a Van. Many people buy their cars used and put seats inn when they are 10 years old. A new car in Norway costs twice as much as in other European contries or the US. Here's an example - The Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 3.0 dCi 231hk 7 Aut. LE costs 909600 nkr (158000usd). Tax is 25% 72506nkr (12500usd) and "one time new car tax" is 547070nkr (94500usd). And thats why new "big" cars are so exspensive in Norway. The one time tax is the combined engine power, co2, nox and weight. And to make the pile of sh** complete we have road tax, inspections, registration fees, yearly fees and have to put it on our tax return. Yeah it's expensive like hell :-(
  2. Plz understand LPG and CNG are not the same system From Wikianswers CNG is basically composed of methane whereas LPG is a mixture of propane, butane and other chemicals. Another important difference from a physical point of view is that CNG does not liquefy under high pressure - it remains a gas, unless it is cooled down to at least - 164°C. LPG on the other hand becomes liquid when it is compressed or when it is cooled down (therefore the name "Liquefied Petroleum Gas"). CNG directly comes from a gas field. The only process, which sometimes needs to be done, is filtering the gas. But usually, the gas can be used as a fuel right away after the compression process. LPG, however, is an artificial product. It is a mixture of the above-mentioned gases. Hence, these gases need to be blended, before they can be used as fuel. CNG has a greater part of Hydrogen and is therefore lighter than air (this attribute in fact makes CNG very safe: once there is a leak in the system, the gas will simply be released to the atmosphere). LPG on the other hand, is twice as heavy as air. This gas is usually a by-product which accumulates from the oil drilling as well as the refinement of oil. Look at this 230litre tank in a Taho
  3. Thank's for the tip, but add a leafs are not TÛV aproved :-( I'll take a look at the Expedition Portal later. Here are some new picks for you guys and you can play "name that part" in the engine compartment ;-) plus one of the flares, lpg tank and dash.. enjoy :-)
  4. I don't know if it's original or aftermarket, but i agree it look's good :-) Most of it is to make it street leagal. The funny thing i have a new aftermarket grille i bought on ebay. I like the US style :-) There are a huge marked for Suv's in Norway, but they are very expensive. I bought my 99 zr2 May 2011 for 22000 usd. Yes its right 2 2 0 0 0 usd. Suv's (new) start at 100k usd. I don't think it's that different, but i've installed LPG in my Zr2. Now it runs on naturalgass and petrol. I'll try to post some pictures later on.
  5. I've looked at this store, but didn't know what i should order. I'll revisit Pm me a price and maybe i'll order from you. You have no idea how much this costs in Norway. Btw all shipping is to my shipping address in New Jersy
  6. I don't know. It' s on my list of things to check, but it's way down there. BTW how do i see if its cranked up.
  7. Not the best of pictures. I ll get some better ones. I used this pictures to get a prize estimate on a respray
  8. Sadly there are no TUV aproved liftkits for the zr2. The other problem is that i have to get my car inspected every second year due to it's age and i wouldn't ever be able to sell it. With a none leagal liftkit it wouldn't be street legal :-(
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, but sadly s10's are not easy to find here in Norway. I have to order it from USA. Thats why i need to get the right door shells the first time
  10. If you still got them let me know :-)
  11. Hi all I'm a zr2 owner from Norway. I bought a used zr2 in May 11. I love my zr2 and have big plans for it. I have installed an alarmsystem,2 din mediasystem w/camera, remote heating and LPG so far. Futher down the line I'm going for a repaint, new hood, smoked rear windows, new angel headlights, grill, kn cold air intake and a tiny lift. Lift is not allowed for this car in Norway :-( I we been talking to Bob at Alcan springs about a new pair of leaf springs too, but everytime i asked for his advice he goes silent :-( Anyway im looking forward to getting some help from you guys......... ;-)
  12. Hi I need new door shells for my 99 blazer zr2, but i can't find it anywhere. Can someone pleace help me.... New or used(in good shape).