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    Chevy S10
  1. No he doesn't, the replacement idlers can not handle off road use for long. The cause is the stress of 4 wheel forcing the front tires to tow in, and the minute pivot area of the stock design idler can't handle it. Thats kinda what i figured. Thought maybe i was missing somthing
  2. My apologies , i was over exaggerating, i have put 2 in, in the last 2 years with majority of the driving being off road. how ever i have noticed after some extensive off roading the second one has gone. I re built the front end last year (ball joints pitman arm, idler arm, inner and outer tie rod and sleeves as well as new upper control arms and wheel bearing\hub assembly) and after my last trip there is an extensive amount of play in the idler arm. I have a 2" superlift, is there anything you could recommend me looking into that may be causing this issue? I also had an alignment done after all the front end work and had it double checked to ensure i didnt miss anything. Thanks
  3. Pefrect thanks, Are you still having issues with the tie rod ends? or was that resolved with the bracket?
  4. Ive Been looking for any reviews on this mod for my ZR2 could you direct me to any where or pass on any experience you have had with this swap.....im going through an idler arm per off road trip and its annoying....ive destroyed a set of tires because i got sick of fixing this. Thanks! Keep in mind i still drive this truck on a semi regular basis on the road. No inspections are required how ever.