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    The first Zr2 with production snorkel, RCV's, and LSD

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  1. high clearance front bumper

    Green, looks good. how is your steering alighment
  2. Finally built my winch bumper

    freaking nice
  3. Finally built my winch bumper

    Did you have it cut or do you have a cnc plasma machine.
  4. PA3 Wheels for FREE

    Man, forgot all about these. i will be in ga in june, if you can hold, hate to see good wheels go to scrape,b but understand if you cant
  5. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/chassis-suspension/1611-chevy-colorado-zr2-shocks-explained-inside-the-multimatic-dssv/ good article
  6. Good source for LED aux reverse lights?

    Checkout http://www.vleds.com/ i just put a set in a vehicle for a family member,the quality of the product,, light output, adjustable [focus] , and no modification required.
  7. Winch hookup

    Not so much anymore..just get a good quality gel cell
  8. Winch hookup

    i also upgraded power production I went with Mr Alternator 200 amp and yellowtop Optima dual post http://www.mralternator.com/alternators/chevygmc.html
  9. Winch hookup

  10. Winch hookup

    Exactly solder and crimp. It's about opening the hose..restriction cause heat
  11. Winch hookup

    What jderekt said..great link.. My recommendation for wire is 2 awg stranded..again, warn 8k, can surge over 430amp depending how you use it. I have a SBX350 quick disconnect good up to 350 continuous 500 surge along with a direct connect to Battery. I used to have a big surge 400 amp breaker, and didn't like it tripping at inopportune times.. So I tried http://www.vteworld.com/content/electromech/fuse/html/anl/anlfuse.php. https://www.amazon.com/0-GAUGE-CIRCUIT-INDUSTRIAL-GETWIREDUSA-FX313-500A/dp/B01CIZ9SD4 I looked at these as well, but again, i have used the heck out of this 8k winch direct wired, for more than 17 years and have never had any problem.. Ultimately, direct connect 2/0 awg, good quality connections, soldered, heat shrinked. The problem with circut breakers is that this..The battery is good for 700amp surge, your winch could surge past 500, so long before you kick the breaker, you will know you have let the smoke out.. Dang phone if light use, a breaker like picture above will work, Smaller winch is great, you can always double or triple line pull IMHO
  12. Winch hookup

    Just keep in mind,amps draw of a warn 8k under full load straight pull could be over 430 amps. Keeping it as a separate system is recommended.
  13. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    X2! Sent via Google Deplorable tracking services. Yeeeeahhhh, what they said..how abut some close ups of suspension
  14. Torsion Bars and Keys Info

    Part # Usage Front Gross Allowable Weight Rating Broadcast Code Bar Diameter Max Torque (N-m) Year 14034277 LH NA 6CW NA 3003 1994-1994 14034278 RH 7CW 14034281 LH NA 7CX NA 4412 1994-1994 14034282 RH 7CX 14056381 LH NA 6CA NA 5277 1994-1994 14056382 RH 7CA 14056383 LH NA 6CB NA 6576 1994-1994 14056384 RH 7CB 15956503 LH NA NA 40.19 1904 NA 15956504 NA NA 15956505 LH NA NA NA 2310 NA 15956506 RH NA NA NA NA 15956509 LH NA NA NA 2808 NA 15956510 RH NA RWK NA NA i found this in ref to some other and similar bar, cant speak to accuracy
  15. Torsion Bars and Keys Info

    GM 15637760 GM 15637761 GM 15956503 GM 15956504 GM 15956505 GM 15956506 Some alt numbers Never mind you already have them I swore i read a post about using Colorado bars

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