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  1. Good score finding that truck, looks clean!
  2. Ya, pretty sure he did some massaging of the fenders and had to modify the flares a little to make it work IIRC.
  3. Nice looking truck!
  4. Good chance your sunroof may not be sealing with the roof properly, could need some adjustment. You might find pics of the interior sans headliner in my build thread.
  5. Clean truck. Welcome
  6. Zr2 diesel will probably hit closer to $60k. I bought a 16 Colorado LT new at about $50k Can.
  7. There's no electrical on the rear brakes, closest thing for that system would be the speed sensor on the t-case.
  8. Ya, D rings and lights would help break it up a bit. I like the receiver idea as well. Looks good overall though, lots of room to stand to work on the engine.
  9. Been a long time since I poked my head around here, but glad I could because I needed help. I still have both of them, haven't done much with either in a few years until recently. Some know I picked up a LLY, still got it too but now needs a turbo. I also bought a new 2016 Colorado, I like it but not really that satisfied overall. Anyway long story short, the white one is done because the trans pump failed and I'm in the process of taking the good and using it for the black one and parting the rest out. Pics to come if I can figure out how to use this shit again
  10. A little color matching makes that 95 look so much better
  12. Hmmmm...looks easy enough.