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    Chevy BlaZeR2
  1. Smittybilt Rack and Can

    Purchased from Synergy, used for a summer. Sold the truck Make me an offer, I want it GONE Located in Sarnia Ontario Canada. Will ship, PM zip code for estimate
  2. AD244

    AD 244 from an 03 Tahoe if I remember correctly. Bought the alternator, sold the truck. Make me an offer. I want this thing GONE Located in Sarnia Ontaro Canada. Will ship. PM me postal code for an estimate
  3. CKNAFFLE SLIDERS for ZR2 Blazer

    Have had these for 2 long. Sold the truck and dont need to hold onto them. Never installed... Make me an offer. I want these GONE Located in Sarnia Ontario Canada, Willing to ship. PM me with ZIP for estimate.
  4. AD244 for sale

    As the title says i got an Ad244 alternator I bought for the truck and got rid of it before installing. PM me an offer, its just taking up space here
  5. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    thats right buddy... note the rock sliders too eh (seperate post)
  6. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    lotsa traffic on this stuff if ive PM'ed you back and ur interested let me know... few items have tentative offers...

    Have a set of Brand New never used Cknaffle rock sliders for the Blazer Zr2 bought em last fall and now am parting out the truck, never got around to installing them. Pics can be seen here http://img355.imageshack.us/g/cimg1116.jpg/ Make me an offer i cant refuse and theyre yours!
  8. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    Damn Yanks ;)
  9. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    Cobra 19 DX IV CB radio. -Make an offer ONLY THE RADIO IS LEFT ANTENNA AND SPEAKER SOLD Like i said make me an offer on anything and its urs, PM me for purchases or questions. Thanks!!
  10. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    Steel Skid Plate Package. Front plate hacked up a bit to accommodate SO hidden winch mount (when combined leaves no open space from winch to bottom of the plate). -Make an offer SO hidden winch mount. -make an offer Dog. -make an offer lolz jk not for sale B&M Shiftplus. Off SO website. Never used. -make an offer Streetglow Pro series Strobe Lights- Excellent for side of highway stops etc. http://www.streetglow.com/Catalog/Pro-Series_2 Comes with 4 strobe bulbs, control unit, wired controller, and 4 lengths of wire. - Make an offer
  11. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    Receiver Tubes and shackles. Accepts a standard trailer hitch sized tube. Loonie in the pic for size compassion - Make an offer. Stock ZR2 trailer hitch with ball. Removed for body lift - Make an offer Smittybilt back rack and Jerry Can. As seen on Justins site. Already modified to fit our trucks. - make an offer
  12. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    PA Horn from Radio Shack. Bought to use on the truck and never got around to swaping out the one I have now. -Make an offer SOLD Elbow Pads. No there not needed for the truck just have em in my garage -$10 obo. Roof Rack Tube mounts. 5 of em. 4 work perfect ones stripped and will just need a new bolt and nut -Make an offer Rola Roof Rack- Used for just over a year, comes with mounting hardware as seen in pictures. Also have the cargo net ill toss in and the extension piece for this rack (not pictured) ill throw in for free if you want it) -Make an offer http://shop.synergyoffroad.com/Draw-Tite-R...et-DRT59504.htm - rack http://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Pa...Rola/59505.html - extension 4 KC Long Range Slim Lights 4x6 100W Each. No longer have the wiring harnesses for these 2 sets, work perfect. - Make an offer SOLD
  13. 262 Chevy PART OUT

    Parting out the ZR2 Blazer. Heres whats available for sale. EVERYTHING LOCATED IN ONTARIO CANADA Smittybilt XRC8 Winch http://shop.synergyoffroad.com/Smittybilt-...97281-97281.htm (click here for specs) Its an 8000lbs winch with aircraft cable (not synthetic). Comes with everything pictured. Cosmetically its a little warn but ive only had to use it twice for minor recoveries, one being pulling someone out of a snow bank. I dismantled the solenoid box to accommodate my mounting position, it still works good as new just looks a little ratty. New replacement solenoid can be picked up for 50 bucks here: http://shop.synergyoffroad.com/Replacement...00-97281-52.htm Comes with 6 foot tree saver strap as well. As for the price make me a reasonable offer and its yours, Im looking to move this stuff asap so i can get rid of my truck and have room for my new car. KC 130W Daylighters Includes relay wiring harness, lights and covers. -Make an offer SOLD Snorkel Head (Two of em) 3" inlet IIRC -Make an offer SOLD

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