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  1. I saw a Zr2 for sale in Lakewood the other day, went home, and found the truck listed on craigslist:
  2. do you still have them for sale?
  3. yes, i did figure it out! Thanks to everyone for the help!!
  4. Sure. let me snap a pic when i get home from work. Thanks for all the help!
  5. Thanks, the picture helps a lot! ok, now for the bad news. i got under the truck this morning and actually found a 3rd washer that i didnt realize last night. this one is even smaller than the 2 in my picture. in your pic i only see 2. is there another one hiding somewhere? PS. i found your 7.25 iron dif build. great write up, but couldnt see some of the reassembly details i am look for!
  6. ok, the location for the big washer is what i thought. however, im confused when you say the smaller one goes between the slide gear and the fixed gear/shaft. do you mean it sits right in between the 2 axles?
  7. So, i set out to replace the passenger side front axle seal, as i've been leaking fluid, and as usual things snowballed! i couldn't get the seal out, so i had to remove the axle tube and axle. everything was going fine...until i went to reassemble everything and i lost track of where these 2 washers go. i think the larger one goes between the stub shaft and the diff and the smaller one goes between the longer axle and the axle tube. however, at the risk of installing everything backwards, i figured it was a good idea to check first and no, i dont want to the the bravada shaft at this point (im sure someone will yell at me for this...). thanks!
  8. i want that rear bumper soooo bad!!
  9. ive had a set of pro comp short aals on my blazer for almost 5 years now. they are great when i am towing or have a heavy load in the truck. there is hardly any squat. i definitely noticed a slightly stiffer ride after the install, but this doesnt bother me...
  10. 15x8 pro comp rock crawlers 5in BS 32" Cooper STTs
  11. I tried those too. A little better than stock, but not good enough. If you want a real boost add the rear stops from a fullsize. GM PART # 15712438 $11.08 each (new). These are off of the rear of late '90s and early 2000 Chevrolet fullsize pickups. They have a hole in the center and act just like Timberen load boosters.They act like a rubber spring. The front of the fullsize uses the same design , but the mounting cup is welded to the chassis. That is why I chose the rear stops. They are a direct bolt in installation. I know the fullsize ride on the stops all the time. There is no clearance on the a-arm. A little increase in spring rate is nice. This is THE answer for the front. Agree to disagree. Why would you want to increase the spring rate of your front suspension by installing bump stops that are in constant contact with the lower a arm? The bump stop is just going to fail prematurely from over use.
  12. If anyone is looking to upgrade their front bump stops from the dry-rotted OEM crap, i just put on a set of these: Energy Suspension Bump Stops They are universal, but they are a direct bolt in for our trucks...same length as stock but much better material (polyurethane). The base is slightly larger in diameter, but it's not a problem. You WILL need a 3/8" swivel socket to install...
  13. FYI - I finally got around to re-installing my tow hooks since i put my PA BL on. I called BDS and the tow hook relocation brackets are only $12/ea. they wont sell them to you directly, but they will tell you the nearest BDS dealer. :coolshades:
  14. AC Delco plugs, taylor wires, accel coil, summit cap and rotor - works great!!
  15. Where in NJ you originally from? I'm from Point Pleasant Hillsborugh in Somserset County.