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  1. I'd also suspect the ambient light sensor.
  2. Welcome aboard! Sorry about the luck on your project... I know all too well how they get drawn out. Throw up some pics either way.
  3. Keep the pics coming!
  4. I forget the last brand of sockets I bought... Tekton or something along those lines. Made in Michigan, seem to be alright. Nothing to get excited about, but it was a decent impact set.
  5. 90% of my stuff is Craftsman, power tools are all Milwaukee Fuel. Trying to figure out which direction to go, with Craftsman essentially being dead.
  6. No feedback on the issue at hand, but what are you using to do that datalog?
  7. Glad you got it. Those things can be a bear to get out.
  8. Welcome aboard Mark, and thanks for becoming a Subscribed Member! We look forward to having you around.
  9. Looks like a good start man! I'd highly recommend you go through some of the old SFA build threads on here - those guys are wizards at building trucks, and your questions are probably answered in there.
  10. Digging the old school regular cab!
  11. Only crummy thing with the PYO's is the limited width. Severely limits the tire possibilities.
  12. Odd looking muffler. Any chance you have a video of the sound?
  13. No help here, unfortunately... but you might remind us which axles you're running.
  14. What did the guy doing the rebuild have to say when he drove it?
  15. There it is. And boy those look good with that cowl hood.