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  1. Found this imitation ZR2 on Craigslist

    He needs to remove the "ZR2" from the add, there is nothing remotely ZR2 added on to that truck, other than it sits higher than a stock Colorado! And... ZR2s are not even avaliable in that body configuration!
  2. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the site Kyle!
  3. Finally created an account

    Welcome to the site Richy!
  4. Hey all

    Welcome to the site James!
  5. Hey Y'all,North Central Fla here.

    Welcome to the site Andrew! Post some pictures of your truck.
  6. New fella from Louisiana

    Welcome to the site Nick! I hope those tires work well in the rain.... They are going to get a work out in the next couple days!
  7. Dunes 2017

    Well, since I already had reservations and already spent $200 to get on the dunes and now have a truck that I don't have to spend a week getting ready to make a thousand mile trip, I decided to go to Silver Lake again this weekend, so if any body is in the area you can look for me!
  8. New member Southern Illinois

    Welcome to the site Grayson! Your BlaZeR looks like it is in great shape!
  9. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    I averaged 18-19 MPG, doing 70-75 mph, empty, on my way to Silver Lake. On the way back , towing a 16 foot trailer with 3 quads on it, doing 75-80 mph, I averaged 14-15 mpg. That's a lot better than the Crew Cab ZR2 that I took there the previous 11 years!
  10. Dunes 2017

    I'm coming up in the morning, I was just commenting on you and John talking about going up the second week of august, I made hotel reservations for the third week of August, incase this weekend fell through.
  11. Dunes 2017

    Anybody? What's the weather like up in Michigan, I lost about 5 lbs today loading all the quads up. It was 85 and 100% humidity!
  12. Dunes 2017

    Anybody in Michigan want any parts? I have a lot of parts sitting around I can bring up, I have a set of 5P2 rims in great shape. I still have a set of cknaffle sliders never installed, for a 2 inch lift BlaZeR . I have a modified trailer hitch for a 2 inch lifted BlaZeR, fits right below the bumper, not 2 inches lower. A set of 33×10.50 BFG All-Terrains on N90s, in great shape. Also a set of Centerline Hellcats on 32 BFG MTs. I can even bring up a one of a kind Crew Cab ZR2 if someone is interested. (If I can get 31,500 for my trade in I might have a new zr2)
  13. Dunes 2017

    I made reservations for the next weekend. (Aug 18-20) It was the free weekend and it would have saved me $150. Guess it doesn't matter now.
  14. New guy from Los Angeles.

    If your local junk yards don't have a tire carrier, check S-10 warehouse on ebay.
  15. New guy from Los Angeles.

    Welcome to the site Randy!

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