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  1. Good points, especially on the steering stabilizer. I had no idea the Rancho was going to be as stiff as it is. If I could do it over I would just get a stock one. I might just do it anyway?
  2. Welcome. The stock shocks are best and can be found on Amazon and eBay. I have the Rancho steering stabilizer, it's pretty good but stiffer than stock. I know it's not part of the front suspension but you should replace your motor mounts with Energy Suspension urethane mounts. I broke 3 stock mounts and trashed the fan and lower shroud once because of it. I like the wheels. What are the specs on them?
  3. New member.

    Where did you get the wheels done?
  4. Flickering Electrical/Bad Alternator?

    "Revving the enging at idle and then letting off the gas causes the RPMs to fall below the normal idle and almost feels like the engine will die and then it catches itself. " Mine has done this for several years. I haven't figured it out myself yet.
  5. You leave the ring off the CV side. If you want to use one on the CV side you have to shorten the shaft by cutting it or buy a custom made one. I've been running with one on the CV side only for years with no issue. Make sure to replace the seal on the end of the tube so you don't have to tear it all back apart if it leaks.
  6. Aluminium Radiator

    I decided to go back to a regular clutch fan. In hindsight this aluminum radiator has been more of a pain in the ass than it was worth. The core is so much wider that I can't properly place the tabs on the lower shroud into the slots. That's why the previous one went into the fan. It also has a lousy trans cooler so I had to install an auxiliary cooler. I put in one with an electric fans mounted to it so it can also act to cool the condenser when sitting in traffic. I also tried upgrading to the AD244 alternator but they sent me the wrong one.
  7. Aluminium Radiator

    By cutting off the ends of stock fittings it fit and there are no leaks so far.
  8. Axle removal from Bravada

    Make sure you replace the seal in the end of the tube. I made that mistake and had to take it all back apart because it leaked.
  9. Aluminium Radiator

    Already done. I added a large external cooler. Currently running through both coolers but thinking about moving both lines to the cooler only. I live in AZ, I don't need to worry about running too cool.
  10. Flickering Electrical/Bad Alternator?

    I was curious about this because I am about to upgrade my alternator. I found this with the photos still in tact. Hope it makes better sense? http://s-10crewcab.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6770
  11. Stock G80

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a stock G80 locker. I don't need the gears just the carrier, hopefully with bearings and bearing races. I took mine out and replaced it with an open carrier with the idea that I would install a Powertrax but I changed my mind. Unfortunately I sold my G80 to someone on the forum thinking I wouldn't use it. I have the 8.6 (1999 and up) rear axle. I have a new steel driveshaft for an extended cab for a possible trade.
  12. Axle removal from Bravada

    Yes, there's a ring on each end. A sharp blow should knock it out.
  13. Axle removal from Bravada

    Try clamping a vice grip around the unmachined part of the axle and hit it as near to the axle as you can with a dead blow hammer. I had to do this when I took mine out to replace the seal in the tube.
  14. Intrepid fan install with pics

    I just flushed out my cooling system before my 2nd radiator tank cracked a few months ago. When I drained the radiator to install a new one the coolant was nice and clean. I have a newish NAPA water pump and I have replaced my t-stat several times, currently using a 180. I'm using a bluetooth scanner that reads the temps from the computer. I have a laser temp gun too and confirmed that it's pretty accurate. The problem is living in Phoenix. When it gets hot here it doesn't cool off for 4 months. If I lived where it never got over 90 the e-fan would be ideal. It just isn't cutting it here.
  15. Intrepid fan install with pics

    This thing really appeals to my OCD and I'll probably get one just because it's cool. But I have a brand new radiator and I just cleaned off my condensor with some spray cleaner I got for residential condensers. My truck cooled reasonably well with the clutch fan but when you live somewhere that's over 100 every day for 3-4 months you just have to live with it to an extent.

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