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  1. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Are there any other symptoms like the windows not working ect....?
  2. My 2005 Sierra

    That's pretty much the same exact truck I had. Bought it new in 2004 then traded it on the ZR2 I have now in about 2007.
  3. Bed support sill replacement project

    Yeah, being from the Southwest I can't appreciate the rust issues some people have to deal with.
  4. The N2O ZR2 thread

    I like those wheels. I like your decals too but my truck is so dented up now that putting decals on it would be almost pointless.

    I was thinking about this as well. Could be the fans aren't spinning the right direction or, as you said, not close enough to the radiator.
  6. Bed support sill replacement project

    That's a lot of work. Wouldn't it be easier to find another bed?

    Well, you know something about running the AC is heating up the engine. It's either the compressor or the condenser that's getting too hot. It's possible that the radiator is bad but it seems like it would get hot without using the AC then? Does it get hotter stopping or when you're moving?

    Well, if the engine is running at 200 and the AC compressor is hotter than that it's a problem. Also, is the air coming out of the vents cold? It should be around 30-40 degrees cooler than the outside temp. Does your idle drop a lot when you turn on the AC?

    Your radiator is probably fine. Did you look between your condenser and radiator to see if there's a bunch of junk in there? SInce it cools fine without the AC on it would seem that is a possibility your compressor is heating up things. Get a laser temp gun and see if the compressor is getting excessively hot.
  10. MPFI Spider Upgrade

    I recently drove my truck to Colorado and back and I noticed it just didn't have any power going up hills ect... I recall the 2001 I bought new having more than enough power, granted it was new... But this current truck just struggled too much for my liking. Also the fuel milage was not that great, around 14-16mpg, and the LTFT was pretty high, around 15-18 depending on how fast I drove. I happened across a good deal on eBay for an AC Delco spider so I upgrayedded my fuel injection yesterday. I didn't take any photos because I figured it's been covered enough, and it was hotter than hell. I should have done this a long time ago! It idles much better, though still not how I'd like. It accelerates better and the LTFT is around -2 now. I haven't driven it enough to see if the mileage has improved but I assume it should improve. If you haven't done this on your old poppet injectors you really should.
  11. Bravada shaft kits flairs snorkels n more!

    I think most people wind up getting the shaft from a junk yard? Ideally I'd like to have the snap ring on the outer shaft but it's not been a problem.
  12. The N2O ZR2 thread

    I'm guessing he's making his own upper control arm?
  13. Steering U-Joint Install

    They're a little out of focus, I used my phone. I realized after looking at the photos that I didn't get the u-joint far down enough onto the steering box so I pulled off the tire and knocked it down a bit more so the set screw lines up with the spot between the splines. I also should have painted the end of the shaft where I ground it down. Rust is not a huge issue here but still...
  14. I've been meaning to do the Flaming River steering joint thing for a long time but I've never felt like spending $90 for a steering joint. I did a search and found this one for $30. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-4-30-Spline-X-1-DD-BLACK-Coated-Steering-Universal-Steering-U-Joint-NEW/192046426522?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 It's not billet aluminium but steel. It's very heavy and well made. It also has 2 locking set screws on the top instead of one. It took ma a little long to install because I didn't have a grinder so I had to go buy one, and some new drill bits while I was at it. In the first photo I had to grind down the shaft quite a bit to get the joint to slide on. I drilled one hole all the way through one side and just an indent for the other. The hardest part was getting the joint to slide back onto the steering box. It turned out pretty good and the steering has a very positive feel I still have somewhat of a dead spot but I think that's due to the steering box?
  15. New guy from Los Angeles.

    Your best bet is to look on here http://car-part.com/ for your tire carrier.

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