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  1. Looks good, could use some rear wheel spacers.
  2. Awesome, going to consider these. I do like them a lot. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk I've been watching those same wheels on eBay for about 6 months.
  3. I've recently noticed y truck idles rougher than usual, or at least rougher than I'd like it to. It's more pronounced when the A/C is on and it's under load in gear. The ignition system is presumed to be good. I have a relatively new distributor with a new cap and rotor. I changed the plug wires to new AC Delco wires last year. I've also replaced the IAC, the ignition control module and coil recently. I cleaned the throttle body and replaced the gaskets. The idle speed is around 575 but when I shut off the AC it speeds up to around 600 and the idle smooths out. The AC seems to be working great as well.
  4. It won't matter when the t-stat opens, it will still get hot. I've considered switching to only e-fan but I don't want to fabricate a way to mount one.
  5. I may get flamed for this but I did this and I measured a difference in the temp of my A/C coming out of the vent. I didn't wire mine to the A/C compressor yet, just have it set to come on above about 190 degrees. Here's a link to my post. http://www.zr2usa.com/mboard/index.php?showtopic=56113&hl=
  6. You might want to check the pinion bearings or rear u-joint? When you let off the gas the nose of the diff dips suddenly and a worn bearing or u-joint will cause a vibration.
  7. I've seen that. It was written in 2008. I was hoping there had been some advances since then....
  8. Who has changed their factory pre-2003 to a double DIN? I realize you need a different dash bezel but how did you physically mount the radio and what mods did you have to do to make it fit?
  9. Crank sensor strikes again!
  10. Can't wait to see your new toy.
  11. Has anyone ever had a vacuum leak from the port on the upper intake manifold where the PCV plugs into? I have around 18in of vacuum at idle. I can hear an air leak and if I move that port slightly the PCV rattles.
  12. Thanks. I just left the stock fitting with all the hoses on there. I should plug it up then. I kind of forgot about it until I was messing with the driveshaft.
  13. For those of you that have done the Bravada shaft did you plug the vacuum ports on top of the transfer case?
  14. I guess you learn something new all the time? I never noticed it doing that before. Thanks!
  15. I have noticed lately that when I have the control set to heat and turn the right hand selector to defrost or defrost/ floor the AC compressor kicks on. Is that normal? I never really noticed it doing that before.