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  1. June 16-18 and July 14-16
  2. Trucks sit with a rake for a reason.
  3. What timing set did you put in it?
  4. And I only hit 94 on the drags. Needs more power.
  5. It was an old guy.
  6. Napas are junk now, one didn't even make it once around silver lake. Your best bet is oe from a salvage yard.
  7. Had some fun on the way home. SMH
  8. Two glamis trips and the only casualty to the buggy was one ripped cv boot.
  9. Olds hill climb from thanksgiving weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GZrq7_KyPo
  10. x2
  11. Idk if that is entirely true, lot of guys seem to run them and they appear to work well. It is true, those knobs that swear by them just think they work well because they are used to heavy mud. A lighter AT type tire will perform better every time on the same truck.