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  1. I had to drill/grind off the head on my truck then use a breaker bar with a bolt extractor from the bottom side to unthread the bolt from the bottom. Was a major PITA and I used plenty of anti-seize on the new bolts.
  2. are you sure it is starting in first gear? my truck had a computer problem and I lost first and I think 3rd? gear. The computer wasn't telling the transmission to activate the solenoid for first gear.
  3. from what I remember though, he had to make the flares himself.
  4. Apparently Glamis is serious business!
  5. look nice, but how do you adjust them?
  6. Imagine that.
  7. Where are you from? I've got a pair of knaffle light mounts that mount to the bumper bolts behind the grill and position the lights nicely in front. Just pay shipping and they are yours.
  8. if you have 33's on your truck, I would put money on a torsion bar crank and shackles. 32's just fit on my truck with a body lift, 33's need more lift to not rub constantly.
  9. you do realize that this thread is three years old, right? Also, I have basically no idea what you wrote there.
  10. good point, that is still a lot of damage for something that didn't seem so bad.
  11. now I'm thinking the bounce took out the balljoint and that took out the cv shaft.
  12. Did the cv joint take out the ball joint too?
  13. Good idea on the washer, I thought my quad mount was pretty good, but it kept bending constantly.
  14. I'm leaning more to small toys, snowmobile(s), newer quads, maybe a SXS, Motorcycle, etc. Turn the fancy trailer into a big toy box they can drag wherever to camp/play.
  15. When I had mine, I mounted the solenoid box under the hood, then extended to remote wires into the cab and mounted a plug in the ashtray, made it easy to access.