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  1. This could be a couple of things. Would need more information than "site doesnt work" Do you just time out after awhile? Do you get redirected to google? Does it work in one browser and not another? when this happens, pull up a command box (similar to above) and type tracert does it complete? It is possible that its related to the site host (midphase) or IPB software itself. Im on vacation now, but can look further into it when I get back. I need more information though than just "site doesnt work" - what happens? Thx
  2. You'll have to double check your "options" on the threads (link under the add reply button at the top) Make sure that you have the right emailing option set. Otherwise, I really have no clue?
  3. This is only supposed to be a 30 day 'temporary' group - for people who are looking for information on purchasing a zr2. If you want him to be here longer, go ahead and sponsor him!
  5. That is for an older version of IPB. Personally, Im against it. Custom code creates issues when it time to upgrade the software. And I really think this would be the same as the chat thing. At first everyone wanted it. I spent alot of time getting it to work... Now, I'd be surprised if anyone uses it. IMO - This is a truck forum... not another facebook / myspace.
  6. If you have the option set to receive these notifications (I think its set to NO by default - check under the 'OPTIONS')- then check your SPAM / JUNK folders. Most likely its there.
  7. Yeah, I love you too bastid...
  8. If you're looking to 'resize' your pictures before uploading them, then you will need to use either a image resizing software application (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro), or you can use standard resizing tools such as Microsoft's Image Resizer Hope that helps.
  9. Yeah, I no longer have my Z (it didnt pull my boat that well) - but do have an Avalanche now. Im actually over by Omni 41 in Schererville... but im always around Merrillville, St. John, CP, Dyer doing something with family & friends...
  10. Welcome neighbor! (Schererville,IN here)
  11. or try...
  12. IMO each month should have some kind of theme. For Instance... June: Stocker July: Big Dog Aug: Street Queen, etc, etc, etc