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    First, let me address the engine coolant temperature issue.... If the cooling system is in good condition and the engine is running properly, the stock radiator and clutch fan are more than adequate to cool your 4.3. There is no need to add dual electric fans to keep the ECT in the proper range. Things to check... Faulty fan clutch. Debris on the outside of the HVAC condenser and/or the radiator. You may need to pull the radiator to determine if there is a problem or not. Restricted cooling system, either in the engine itself or in the radiator. Rotted sponge seals between the condenser and the core support allowing cooling air flow to bypass the cooling stack. Excessive use of any "stop leak" products. Collapsing coolant hoses. Improper installation, faulty operation or incompatibility of the non-OE electric fan system. If you need a radiator, Spectra Premium has a very affordable HD radiator for T-trucks and -utilities. It's got a one-inch core rather than the OE 7/8ths core. As for the HVAC not working. ... You were told the compressor is on its last leg, know that the stock compressor, the Harrison H6/HT6, is a POS. Lots of failures with those bastards in S/T, GMT400 and 800 trucks with V6es and V8s. If you're going to replace it, Four Seasons has a upgraded compressor which uses a Nippondenso core which is much better. The denso compressor is used on Corvettes and other cool cars. You can get the Four Seasons compressor from Rockauto.com. When you replace the compressor, change the orfice valve, the hoses and the condenser because if the compressor is failing, there's likely metal chips in those parts. The only part you can sucessfully flush is the evaporator core. If you just replace the compressor and not do all those other things, you may have more problems in short order because of metal in the system. Rockauto has all those pieces. I just had to replace all that on my '99 because the compressor failed and dumped metal grit throughout the system. Also, a couple years ago I had to replace the radiator because of a leaking core. I installed the Spectra Premium. With that radiator, new hoses, a good clutch fan and a 180 thermostat, my cooling system works quite well. I hardly ever get over 210 and the only time it gets up there is in traffic on hot days with the HVAC on.
  2. So many versions

    It's interesting to me that the 3.6L DOHC V6 (known in-house as the "high-feature V6" or "HFV6" comes in so many different versions and is used in everything from the ZR2 and other Colorado pickups (the LGZ 308-hp version) to the Cadillac ATS-V (the LF4 464-hp version).
  3. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    Pretty f'ing impressive those guys from Hall Racing winning the class. Story goes that the truck was stock except for a full roll cage, off-road lighting, a Chevy Performance aftermarket exhaust and some other Chevrolet Performance pieces which are under development.
  4. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    I get it that some folks are going to balk at the base price of 46 large but, history seems to indicate that's a price that is not far out of line. In 1999, when I ordered my Blazer ZR2, it came in at 26,600 bucks . The only option I ordered was the LS package (equip. grp. 1SC). If you go on-line, and put that number into the Feds' "inflation calculator" you come up with my Blazer costing 39,200 in 2017 dollars. Back in those times, ZR2 was only available on 2-dr utilities and ext. cab pick-ups. I don't know what the pick-up sold for back then, but it couldn't have been much more or less than did the utility. The "new" ZR2 has a more standard equipment than did the original ZR2–for example, it comes standard with full trailering equipment which was not even offered back in the old days and its interior features include as standard a lot of stuff that was optional back ZR2 was offered as a package on S/T trucks and utilities. The Colorado ZR2, also, has a lot more technology in it, along with a lot more government-mandated features which has driven up the cost of not only Colorado pick-ups but all vehicles people buy. So...I don't think the price is all that out of line and you can bet, going forward, once the "early adopters" buy their trucks and sales slow, prices will get discounted. That said, I would have been happier with the idea of buying a new ZR2, if GM had not loaded it up with standard stuff like the trailering package and a lot of premium interior appointments. Finally, on this price thing...I remember back in the late-90s when the original ZR2 package came out, the price of trucks ordered with it was criticized by some. Others made the point that there was no way you could duplicate the package with aftermarket off-road modifications for the price GM sold ZR2. I suspect that, as time goes on, the same situation will prove to be true with the ZR2 version of the Colorado.
  5. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    Got ahold of a dealer order guide for the new ZR2. Lots of interesting stuff in it but a couple things stood out: The diesel is a $3500 dollar option so one would have to drive the truck a long ways to recover the cost of the engine in improved fuel economy. There is a dual-mode exhaust listed as an option. Dual mode exhausts have typically been seen on Corvettes and Camaros. The bed mounted spare tire, which various media coverage has talked about, was not listed as an option. Media reports and claim ZR2s some with 31-in. Goodyear Duratrac tires but the order guide lists the tires as 265/65R17 all-season tires. Regardless of exterior color choice there is only one interior color...black. Not good if you don't like hot seats in the summer.
  6. Giant Flowmaster ZR2 exhaust--how I had it built.

    I haven't been back to this thread in a long time, but I thought I'd report that after more than five years in my 99, the combination of the big Magnaflow cat, the 70 series Flowmaster and the installation done by Big John's Performance has served my ZR2 quite well. There have been no problems with the system. It has proven quite durable with no rusting parts or cracked pipes. It still sounds awesome with that deep throated "Flowmaster sound" and it's not near as loud as some of the other Flowmaster mufflers can be.
  7. 2002 Blazer to 2002 S10 ZR2 Transmission Swap

    It might be that the different feel launching from stop lights or other places is not due to a driveline problem. With 328,000-km in the engine, it's very possible there's a problem which is causing poor or slow throttle response.
  8. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    I'm thinking about the extended cab because I'd want the long box. I got a copy of the dealer order guide today. Really, really thinking about ordering one. The only hesitation I have is my Blazer ZR2 is, obviously a heck of a lot shorter and, thus, has a much tighter turning radius. That's come in handy in previous off-road adventures. Compared to the old T-utility platform, the Colorado/Canyon is really looooong. Great. I'll be looking for it. Few more things I found out today: All Colorados and Canyons got a new V6 gas engine, a truck-version of the 3.6L HFV6. The gas engine gets the 8-speed 8L45 automatic but the 2.8L diesel gets the 6L50 six-speed automatic. Hard to decide which powertrain has the most low-end grund the gas engine (less low-end torque) with the 8-speed and its lower first gear or the diesel (more low-end torque) with the 6-speed and its higher first gear.
  9. GM just showed the Colorado ZR2 to the press. Other than not being offered in a straight-cab version, the new ZR2 stacks up as a pretty good offroader. If I was or order one, it would be the extended cab with the diesel.
  10. Reman short block?

    Still thinking about this... I'm not hot on putting a used short block out of a wrecking yard in the truck. I know there are probably a few good 4.3s out there but, at this point in my life, I"m just not into junkyard motors. Have too many other projects going so I'm probably going to go down the reman short block route. Well...unless the "engine fairy" will convert my Blazer to GM's new, 300-hp, Gen V V-6. (sigh)
  11. Flowmaster 40 question 8042541 vs 42541

    I was able to get a 3-inch 70 series Flowmaster into my Blazer. I never thought I could get the 70 into the S/T utility frame but I made it work. It took a really good exhaust shop with a 3-in. tubing bender to do it, but it worked. Man, does it sound good. Loudness is just right. Also, I got that 3-in Flowmaster sound I like. The 40-Series might be pretty loud, especially in a pick-up with that bed floor which will resonate. Somewhere here on this site I posted a story about it. If I can find that old thread, I'll edit a link into this post. Found it. Take a look at http://www.zr2usa.com/mboard/index.php?showtopic=51392
  12. JBA header poll

    I have JBA shorty headers on my '99. They've been there since the early 00s. Great product. Never had any trouble with them.
  13. Reman short block?

    Has anyone here installed a reman short block. Recent oil analysis on my 1999 with 130K miles is showing an increase in bearing wear. The short block in the truck is original, but the heads have been done recently. I'm thinking of buying a remanufactured short block then transferring all the remaing good stuff on the upper end over to the new short block. I looked at Jasper Engines web site but, according to what I read, they only sell reman engines not reman short blocks.
  14. Need help in San Diego with Camshaft Retard Offset!

    Hey there calee4nyaboy I'm not in S.D. or the O.C., I'm in Goleta...a long ways I realize...but I have the scanner you need. If your desperate to change the cam offset and you want to take a trip, come on by sometime.
  15. Very Hard to Start in Colder Weather

    "Burned" has actually read the Service Manual in re: fuel pressure tests. All other "tests" are pointless if the truck's fuel suppy system cannot past the fuel pressure tests in the FSM.

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