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  1. 1998 k1500 Z71

    What part of Southern IL? I have a friend near Carbondale looking for an older Chevy. Is it a 98 or 99? Has it been wrecked, I noticed the passenger airbag appears to have been deployed. Thanks.
  2. My 2005 Sierra

    Thanks, I wasn't sure about these wheels when I first put them on there. I've never had anything bigger than 17". They've definitely grown on me over the past week, though.
  3. My 2005 Sierra

    All cleaned up.
  4. My 2005 Sierra

    So I took off work at lunch yesterday and made a 500 round trip trip with the dog to San Antonio and back. Got home about 10pm, pulled in my shop and put these on. lol $850 for wheels, tires & lugs. Tires have about 10k on them but still look great. When these wear out I'll stick some more aggressive tires on it. I think it would look good with a set of KO2s.I rolled 34,000 on the way there. She's getting old lol
  5. New member Southern Illinois

    I know Harrisburg well! Spent a lot of time up around Marion/Carbondale for work
  6. My 2005 Sierra

    Thanks! Are all of my images working on here? I've been using GooglePhotos but the links aren't always working right. So I think I'm going to be picking these All-Terrain wheels & tires up tomorrow. Everywhere I look they're $1,200-1,800ish. They're going upwards of 2k on eBay! I found this set in San Antonio with 10,000 miles on them for $900obo with lugs. I'm gonna offer him $800 and at least try to get them for $850. I found this pic on a GMT800 group. All-Terrains on 305s. I think this is exactly how I want my truck to sit.
  7. New member Southern Illinois

    Welcome! What part of Southern IL? I'm from right across the bridge in KY originally.
  8. Aftermarket LED Bar and Fog Lights

    I drilled a couple holes in my firewall on mine when I had them. I believe I drilled right around the boot for the steering shaft and then put a grommet in the hole. IIRC I pulled the carpet/padding back and drilled from the inside.
  9. Greenlantern99's New Daily driver

    Sharp looking truck! I just did the exact opposite. Sold my 03 ZR2 and bought an 05 Sierra. lol
  10. My 2005 Sierra

    Got my painted mirror caps on and front emblem. Now the hunt begins for wheels.
  11. My 2005 Sierra

    I kept all the LEDs from the Yukon and swapped them into this truck. Just had to get some for the door courtesy lights. They are stupid bright lol I also wanted some color matched Denali/Escalade mirrors with puddle lights, but all the used ones I find are trashed and any I've been finding on eBay are overpriced or the wrong color. So I ordered the smooth mirror caps I am going to paint in the next couple weeks and came up with my own solution for puddle lights. Next comes color matched door/tailgate handles.
  12. My 2005 Sierra

    Piece of shit Photobucket finally died off. I think I have all my links fixed now to my imgur account. Scored this locking storage box today off Craigslist for $25. New it was $338!!
  13. Seats interchangeable...?

    I found the write-up when I did it... Holy crap that was 11 years ago! I'm pretty sure the seat belts came out with the seats on my '98. I know I originally bought some seats from a 1997 4 door blazer and the seat belts weren't with the seats so I sold them and bought newer ones. Something was different between the two years... It's been a long time since I've messed with them though.
  14. Seats interchangeable...?

    x2. I had 4 door Blazer leather seats in my first ZR2. 94+ will work, but keep in mind pre 97 seats do not have the seatbelts fastened to the seats (or maybe I'm backwards, 98+ are attached to the seats? I can't remember)
  15. My 2005 Sierra

    I think he's already ripped all the goodies under the hood off. I thought about making him an offer on the hood - but would you guys trust something that's been burnt? I guess as long as it didn't warp it or anything. So it looks like I'm not going to get the parts off of it anyway. He has it advertised as a 2004, but I Googled the inventory number from the windshield sticker and that took me to the auction site.. which gave me the vin. It's actually a 2002. Silver Birch Metallic wasn't offered on those until 04 I believe. This one is Pewter Metallic, damn it.

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