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  1. Finally got around to putting my air horns on this thing.
  2. Nah I ended up getting $9,500 for it. I was pretty happy about it. The guy that bought it is an S-10 guy, too. He's driven them for years and wanted a clean one for his daily. He's real happy with this one, I'm glad it's going to someone that'll appreciate it.
  3. Sold! A fella drove all the way from San Antonio to look at it last weekend. He's coming to pick it up next weekend. Pulled it up next to my new truck and snapped a pic. I'll miss it! I'll probably have another one day for a toy.
  4. So I tinted the front windows of this thing the other night after work and today I cleaned it up a bit more. I also tapped into the XM radio and added an auxiliary input. I figured the stereo was one of the first things I'd change... But I really don't mind this factory Bose for the time being. It is a million times better than my ZR2's radio. I pulled the ZR2 out of the shop and took a picture with it. The guy is coming from San Antonio next weekend to pick it up.
  5. Yeah, and the interior on this gen Silverado is unbelievable. Sooo much better quality than our 09.
  6. Thanks man! Ha, yes it is! Our new tow pig/garage ornament. lol 2017 High Country. We traded in our 09 LMM. I honestly never really cared for that one too much. It was tuned/deleted. I think this one stock would damn near keep up with our old one. It's a beast. I'm going install a gooseneck in it this weekend. Can't wait to see how it tows our horse trailer.
  7. So I've wanted a clean low mileage GMT800 pickup forever now, but all of the ones I've found always seem to be beat up or have a ton of miles on them. I finally ran across this one in Dallas the other day. I had a friend of mine go look at it, then I flew up there yesterday and drove it home! 2005 Sierra SLT Leather, Bose, power folding mirrors. Owned by an 83 year old man that doesn't really drive anymore. The best thing about it - less than 30,000 original miles when I picked it up. It still has new car smell! I noticed it still has the stickers on the muffler and everything underneath from the factory. It also has the original tires on it - which won't be there for long. I picked it up for $16,500. This is how it looked when I picked it up. Last night when I got home I pulled it directly into my shop and removed all that chrome shit. And pulled out a giant bird's nest from behind the driver turn signal I plan on leveling the front & putting some nice tires, maybe wheels on it as well. First thing I'm gonna do is tint the windows.
  8. This is the only part you need to screw the filter to the block. Or you can make your own oil cooler lines that don't leak.
  9. Listed it on CL. Price is a little high, I figured I would let it sit on there for a bit and see if I get any bites. I'll probably end up lowering it.
  10. Just the 4.3
  11. What fans did you swap....pulled your mechanical one and replaced with electrical ones or just added a electrical one? There you go lol
  12. Sounds about like my old one - on really hot days (sitting still) it would push a little bit above 210. After I swapped fans though it put an end to it. Mine just had the stock thermostat
  13. I didn't really have cooling problems, but the AC in my last ZR2 sucked big time if I wasn't moving. I ditched the clutch fan completely and ran dual Efans from an LT1 Camaro. After that on 100* days I could sit right in the sun and have ice cold air.
  14. I know it! I just never drive it anymore really Thanks man! I hope someone on here is interested