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  1. Anyone who needZ custom Z-calz, NOW (IE: winter time) is a good time to hit me up for them! Send me a Z-mail with you needZ: Couple picZ HERE- ...and can we leave the politics OUT of this thread please??
  2. ...where the Hell!™ are the "LIKE" buttons on this damn site??
  3. ....anyone? Bueller??
  4. You'll never learn, will you, Matthew??
  5. The best place to find out what's going on when the site is having issues is here:
  6. I've just spoken to a support tech regarding the corrupted security code image that has been preventing new members from registering. He is going to look into this problem within the next few minutes and see if he can fix the database. You MAY experience some "issues" such as being logged out, etc...but please don't fret or collaborate a mutiny or anything....
  7. Thread moved to the For Sale section.
  8. THANK you.
  9. ↑↑↑THIS↑↑↑ :LS1MikesTruck:
  10. Nao ? Yes. Again- if ANYone sees another member "breaking the rules", simply REPORT THEIR POST and it WILL be dealt with accordingly. There are a few members that have been given a PermaBAN for breaking the rules consistently with mnay warnings given to them, and I'm sure there will be more.
  11. I think I can find a more appropriate section for this thread than the OT I'll move it.
  12. I am running guys, but sorry- NO time for any custom decals at the moment. Still trying to get a couple existing orders done that have been dragging on for far too long. My "real" job is crazy right now- i worked 16hrs yesterday, then up at 5am today. Last winter was slow as hell. "Feast or famine", as they say. Sorry, guys....
  13. Hayln- I had NO idea that you wanted to sell MULTIPLE sets of shackles here. When you asked me for permission to sell here, you just stated that you "had some 2in shackles to sell Sorry if I misunderstood. Anyway- I'm afraid that you would need to become a "vendor" to sell here as you wish to. Unfortunately, I am not accepting any more vendors for custom fabricated "stuff" at this time, as we already have that area covered by qualified vendors already. Sorry.
  14. I didnt know that was the same truck, and Brayden.... Pay attention.