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  2. Site noob

    Howdy everyone! Just joined the site. Feel in love with the Z when I purchased my 98 Blazer way back in the day. Just recently purchased an 02 Blazer ZR2. Currently in North Louisiana. Originally from Ohio

    Did you ever solve this?
  4. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    The only time I've ever had any issues with the remote it was the BCM.
  5. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    No,the windows and door locks work fine.Just something with the remote function.
  6. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Tried 3x with no results.The locks cycled,but the module apparently has a memory issue.
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  8. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Is that the panel that goes across under the steering column and has the foam on it? Is there a option code on the glovebox door that I can check to see if this 2004 Blazer even has the remote control? I can't believe a 28,000 dollar S-10 Blazer would have been ordered without remote locks.
  9. New member Southern Illinois

    Welcome šŸ‘šŸ»
  10. New member Southern Illinois

    Welcome šŸ‘šŸ»
  11. It is snapped into place to the hush panel, under the steering column.
  12. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    The sticker price is crazy, but all of them are now. Not to mention people that pay sticker are suckers.
  13. Last week
  14. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Sorry for the late reply(trucking does that to one). I tried reprogramming it,and the electric windows/locks all work fine,hence suspecting the receiver module.I'm currently trying to locate it,but proving a little cumbersome.Is it near the obd plug,or somewhere else?
  15. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    Fellas, it just didn't seem like it, and for 46k.....I am excited it's here too but I just didn't have the "I gotta have this thing" feeling when I bought my first Zr2...if the aftermarket follows through...could be great!
  16. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    I think it has more clearance the the TuRD pro, which is the only vehicle in the segment. The ZR2 blows that pos out of the water.
  17. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    The "low" ground clearance and lack of A-arm skids are easily addressed by the aftermarket. The wheelbase will still compete with a Tacoma in extended or crew versions or even an extended cab Colorado vs a four door Jeep. The sticker shock of 46k is understandable but according to the Chevy site you can order a fairly basic model with the 2.8 duramax for 46k. Comparing to other trucks I would consider for an off roadable Dailey driver this thing kicks ass. The ability to get 28 mpg and be off road capable while still retaining a warranty is almost unheard of. This truck is ground breaking in a lot of ways and the first iteration isn't going to check off every box from the expectations category. If I can ever afford a 40k truck this one is easily at the top of the list for what I would want out of it.
  18. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    Doesn't look like it's that low for a stock truck. The blazer next to it has a 6" lift.
  19. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    I just came back from the Chevy dealer, and man was I disappointed. The trucks wheelbase seems forever long....if they really took this thing on the Rubicon, it must've taken a beating... really low vs wheelbase. Secondly, the front A arms are poorly designed imo. They have the cannisters for the shocks very exposed! It's inverted, and they didn't bother to put on a skid plate. Dunno, but seems all to easy to catch a rock in it. Liked the beefy front skid plate, but they got cheap. Really with a sticker price of 46k,. I just walked....Didn't even test drive it. Really disappointed.
  20. Intrepid fan install with pics

    Wow, I didn't even know this got pinned! Thank you (I'm a few months late, just haven't had time to browse the posts). Sorry it took so long for the info, again, I don't have a lot of time to participate as I'd like to. I actually got my fan from a 2005 Dodge Stratus. No part number though....however it should be easy to look up with make/model. At first I wasn't sure if it would fit but thanks to a tape measure and some time I figured it was worth a shot! I "think" I had to trim the edge of the fan shroud to fit the angle. Not at all difficult though. I've included a wiring diagram of the original fan setup. No big secret here! Just wish I had more time to dedicate to this great site My latest addition to the E-fan setup is a small but powerful relay with a timer from 3rdbrakeflasher.com. My problem was that the e-fans would cycle on/off when the AC compressor cycles on/off (with ac off). I used this relay and set the timer so that it would turn on only after the ac compressor was commanded on (when you turn your ac on). After 20 seconds or so, the relay timer would time out and switch on....sending the compressor signal to my e-fan controller letting it know to turn on the e-fans. When the ac is off the compressor cycles every minute or so for 7-10 seconds roughly. It was annoying to keep having the fans turn on and off every time the compressor cycled and put unnecessary draw on my electrical system. It has been working great ever since thanks to that little relay (about the size of a quarter and handles up to 10 amps). I got it from here: http://www.3rdbrakeflasher.com/timer-c-68/12v-10-amp-timer-positive-output-p-213.html I will try to keep an eye on this thread to answer questions about my setup. And if I get the chance I can put together my final wiring diagram and post that too. Thanks for all the comments! 2005 Dodge Stratus Cooling fan wiring.pdf
  21. Hall enters ZR2 in to Vegas to Reno Race

    I hope this does well. Will really help put this on buyers radar.
  22. Dunes 2017

    I was just there last weekend! So was John. And Anthony!
  23. Dunes 2017

    Well, since I already had reservations and already spent $200 to get on the dunes and now have a truck that I don't have to spend a week getting ready to make a thousand mile trip, I decided to go to Silver Lake again this weekend, so if any body is in the area you can look for me!
  24. 1998 k1500 Z71

    What part of Southern IL? I have a friend near Carbondale looking for an older Chevy. Is it a 98 or 99? Has it been wrecked, I noticed the passenger airbag appears to have been deployed. Thanks.
  25. Vacuum line connected to nothing?

    babydeuce, You were right brother. Just stuck my head under the hood and looked with my fiber optic camera and found the nipple in about 2 seconds. Its hidden by the bracket that mounts the ABS pump. Unless you were laid across the engine bay, you would not see it. Now just got to go get some new hose, and i'll be all set. Thanks, Red05BlaZeR2
  26. Neutral Safety Switch

    OK, thank you!
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